Saturday 19 September 2020

Spoilt for choice

 Part of the enjoyment of going away in the summer is definitely being on the lookout for Scavenger Hunt photos and that was definitely the case this year, bearing in mind that most of the ones that I had found already were from very close to home.

I need to whittle down my choices ready for the final link up but let me just share a few I found last weekend.

18 Something that can go in the water

There's nothing as waterproof as a seagull is there?

I could lie and say this is a photo of me kite surfing, but no one would believe me would they?  This was so fascinating to watch, and the speeds they reached were amazing.

I think it may have been awhile since this anchor was last used out at sea!

Or how about this coracle?  Apparently they offer Coracle making weekends at the Weald and Downland museum!

16 Something with a rough texture

There's something about a thatched roof isn't there?  My friend's husband used to be a thatcher, so I know how skilled you have to be to thatch a roof - it's not an easy job!

This is a close up of the flint front of the local houses in Chichester, and take my word, those little clippings are very rough to touch.

According to the app on Paul's phone, this is some kind of Ash tree, but it had the weirdest bark.

14 Something with wheels

Saw this little wicker dolls pram outside a secondhand shop, good job I took the photo when I saw it as an hour later we were walking through the town and I saw a lady with it under her arm so it had obviously been sold!

Some kind of invalid chair that we saw in Arundel Castle.

Spoilt for choice with things with wheels at the Weald and Downland Museum, all that vintage farm equipment!

2 Something in a knot

This tree had obviously been damaged in some way many years ago, because look how the trunk has split up and wrapped itself round and round.

7 Something that displays a rule

Good advice when near a rather large horse!

And possibly my favourite


Ruth said...

Haha, love that last image! And I've always wanted to live in a thatched cottage. :)

alexa said...

This is a glorious batch of photos! Each one better than the last ... I especially like your rough texture photos. I'm guessing you had a close encounter with those little flint chippings?

Patio Postcards said...

Oh Deb these are some wonderful finds for the SPSH. Your rough texture photo of the flint chippings is quite artist in design.

Jennifer said...

Hi Deb! Nice to meet you:) I'm finding you by way of Leslie! I love your photos..especially something knotted!! Quite the tree!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. I'm looking forward to our photo challenge collab - a first for me:) Should be fun. And a bit of a "challenge" (in multiple ways!) for me....rather outside of the box for me! Glad to join...and to find your blog!!

Jennifer said...

What a fun sign!! There is always a nice way to say things, isn't there? Love the pram. Lucky you snapped a shot of it when you did. And what a grand wheelchair. Very fancy with what looks like a velvet seat. Interesting tree discoveries. The branches on the ash? are as big around as the trunk. Wow.

I only have 5 more prompts to find, I think. So glad to have done this with you. I see Jennifer stopped by to say hi. She is a lovely person. You guys will get along fabulously.

Susanne said...

Well, you've got a keen eye. I need to dig out my list from an old purse and put it in the current purse, so I can get back to hunting. I am a huge Neil Diamond fan, so your last photo is a winner in my book.