Thursday 13 May 2021

In need of cheer

We're feeling a bit down over in Deb's World this week.  So in an effort to cheer ourselves up, I'll share a few photos of some of the tulips we planted this year in the new raised bed.

Love the ragged edges of these ones, aren't they unusual?

So why are we feeling a bit down in the dumps?  Well this week our son should have been completing on a new home but on Monday, the day of contract exchange, the seller 'changed his mind' and decided he didn't want to sell after all.  Despite having 3 months to think about it, negotiating moving dates etc etc.  We are going through the stages of disbelief, anger and disappointment on their behalf.  It's easy to say that something better is probably out there, and all things happen for a reason but it's not what is on their mind at the moment.  They had already sold and moved out of their home, stored their possessions and moved in with Sophie's parents at the farm so they are really in limbo now.  I think it's time for another picture 

I liked the shape of the petals of this one

Now today I am going to have to call the vets as Coco isn't well.  She's happy and sprightly in herself but something is not good with her digestion and the last couple of nights she's had us awake in the early hours needing to go into the garden.  She is not a fan of going to the vet and especially at the moment when you cannot go into the surgery with them because of covid regulations she'll be especially anxious about going.


Hopefully an hour of uplifting dancing on my Zoom Zumba class will get the endorphins flowing, but at the moment the skies are grey, we're in the middle of a sudden downpour of rain and things feel a bit 'meh'. 


Ruth said...

What an awful thing to do to your son and his family - thank goodness they had somewhere to go.
I do hope Coco is feeling better soon. We're allowed into the surgery at our vet's practice, so fingers crossed they'll let you in with her.

Patio Postcards said...

OH my, I feel for your son & family, that is certainly a crappy thing for the seller to do. Karma may have a say in that move by seller. Oh poor Coco, even saying the word vet in our home, sends the cats into hiding.

Sending lots of positive energy that all things work to the good of the family.

alexa said...

Oh, that's so hard for your son :(. What a lot of energy he must feel he has poured into the move ... I often feel the Scottish system has merit - this kind of thing can't happen. Hopefully that fact that he now has nothing to sell and is ready to move will make him a very attractive buyer to someone else. So sorry to hear about Coco - hope it proves to be nothing untoward. And that you feel a bit more sparkly soon :).

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Oh what an awful thing to happen. It must be a really stressful time for them. I'm glad they have somewhere to stay whilst they look for something else.

Susanne said...

Oh, don't you hate those days when the disappointments and worries stack up and weigh you down. Hopefully the next house turns out to be an even better dream home for them. I hope Coco is doing better too.