Friday 3 March 2023

Let's sit and have a cup of tea

 Well, January seemed to last at least a whole year and February then flew by but here we are again for our monthly chat.

So, this month I think we should talk biscuits - or cookies!  What are your favourites?By the way, the biscuit tin is open, please help yourself.

I have different favourites for different times of day.  Do you remember the old advert from the 80s for Rich Tea biscuits - 'a drink's too wet without one'?  That's how I feel about my afternoon cup of tea.  That always has to have a plain biscuit to accompany it but instead of Rich Tea biscuits my favourite's are called Abernethy.  They have a delicious butteriness about them with just a little bit of crumble.  In the absence of one of those, a plain oaty biscuit will fill the gap.  Do you dip a biscuit in your hot drink?  I don't, but my grandchildren like to dip one in my cup and I hate the end of the drink where you have lots of soggy crumbs lurking in the bottom.  There's always a split second between 'just soft enough' and 'sorry Nanny my biscuit has fallen into the mug'.

Mid morning will usually involve a bit of chocolate somewhere.  Either a dark chocolate digestive or a Chocolate Liebniz.  If I have a friend come for coffee and I haven't baked a cake I will try to have a stem ginger cookie to offer as well.  I like it when you go out for coffee and they offer a Biscoff biscuit (or two), the lovely caramel crunch is perfect.

Please don't ever leave me alone with a box of Cadbury's chocolate finger biscuits, it won't end well and there'll be none left for anyone else.  If you are looking for pure luxury the pistachio and clotted cream biscuits from Fortnum & Mason are delicious but just look at the price!  I wouldn't be handing those around the grandchildren!

Have I made you hungry?  Please let me know your favourites and I just may have to sample one to see if it makes my favourites list!


Patio Postcards said...

Only tea for me Deb & let's put the lid on those delicious looking cookies - too much temptation for me.
I don't think I've ever met a biscuit/cookie I don't like. I'm not much of a dunker into my tea but there are some that require a glass of milk, ones like store bought oatmeal cookies, just a tad to hard for me. I think for me favourite cookies would be those that are home made & I have a favourite that I make only at Christmas, full of Christmas cake fruits & nuts ... yes let's change the subject from cookies to travel ... are the Italy plans all finalized yet?

Ruth said...

Just tea for me as well, please ... although I will be checking out your favourites when I am next in F&M! For a mass produced biscuit, it is hard to beat a chocolate Hobnob.

Barbara Eads said...

There are so many things I want to say about this post. First I am a cookie lover, but do not indulge with my tea--although I would love to. I just have to stay away due to calories--and I hate that. But now you have me intrigued about those biscuits from Fortnum & Mason. I'll be visiting England in September and might just have to stop by and pick some up. I can order, but the shipping to the US is crazy expensive. The other thing I want to comment on is that you let your grands dip their biscuits in to your tea! That is so darn cute! I am not a dipper either and the bottom of the cup mess sounds very unappetizing. Still, I wish I'd thought of that when mine were little. What a fabulous memory you have created for them.

Susanne said...

Well you have made me hungry, as I am slowly trying to get off cookies, candies and other sweets. Getting used to unsweetened tea may be even harder.