Friday 2 June 2023

Let's sit and have a cup of coffee

Image from Canva

Come in, come in!  Sorry we have to keep a distance apart but I'm still following doctor's orders. 
It's so lovely to have someone come round for a chat!  I shall be so happy to hear about what you have been doing since our last meeting.

I'm so pleased that we had our long weekend away before my operation, it was perfectly timed to take my mind off what was in store and we returned home well rested.  Have you ever been to Southwold?  It's such a lovely place.  We know it quite well so we happily revisited our favourite places.  They really are spoilt for choice or delicious bakeries in Southwold.  The cottage we had rented was just a five minute walk from a lovely bakery called The Cornish Pantry.  I discovered the best pasty there - a little like a pain au chocolate but even nicer.  It was called a chocolate torsade and it was like a twist of puff pastry with a layer of creme patisserie and dark chocolate chips inside it.  Warm from the oven - delicious!

Coco enjoyed her holiday too, she does love the feel of the sand between her paws!  Fortunately she was booked in for a groom on Tuesday so is now clean and fresh again, she had returned from her trip more than a little grubby.

We also visited Thorpeness.  Known for the quirky house in the clouds, and a lovely place to visit for a walk around the boating lake and pretty village. The house in the clouds was originally a water storage structure.  Considered to be a blot on the landscape it was decided to disguise it by making it look like it was a house, 70ft up in the trees.  You can now stay in it as a holiday let, I bet the views are amazing!

We had stopped off for a picnic lunch on our way to Southwold at Flatford Mill, famed for being the place that John Constable painted The Hay Wain.  It's a lovely peaceful place to enjoy a picnic and walk along the river.  Of course everyone ends up taking a picture of the mill from the place where Constable must have viewed it.

I've been so lucky that the weather has been so nice for my convalescence and I've been able to sit and enjoy the garden.  Everything is starting to come into bloom and every day I notice another plant that has opened up.  We have some giant poppies at the end of the garden which have dark purple stamens which are weighed down with pollen.  Yesterday I watched a bee spending so much time inside the petals and when it flew off it was literally covered in purple all over its body!

That's about all the news from here bearing in mind that I've been confined to home since we got back.  Thank you so much for popping in, it's been lovely to have some company.

We may have a slight problem with next month's get together - as it may involve you having to join me on a flight overseas.  Maybe we will have to reschedule!


Patio Postcards said...

So glad you are feeling better. The garden is looking absolutely lovely, so nice to be able to sit outside & enjoy the view. I would liked to have seen that purple bee - ah nature.

The get away sounds an idyllic spot. The house in the clouds sounds like someone was planning. We have a couple of hydro electric and/or telephone buildings built to look like small cottages within the communities. But if given a choice, I'd rather stay in the cottage at Flatford Mill - what a beautiful spot.

An overseas flight, you do travel about. Since I'm not a flyer, you'll have to tell me all about it when you get back.

Thanks for tea, must dash, I'm off to the garden centre.

Ruth said...

Your garden looks to be the perfect spot for your recuperation. :) Your weekend away sounds idyllic - I'd like to see inside the 'house in the clouds'. said...

Thank you for the link to the House in the Clouds. Fascinating. From a distance, the house really does look like it could be floating in mid-air or balanced on a tree branch. I enjoyed reading about the history of the house and feel sure fairies must enchant it.

Like Coco, I sure enjoy sand between my paws. It has been too long since I was beachside. But not sure when I will be able to remedy that. Your getaway sounds peaceful and like the perfect escape to ready you mentally and emotionally for your procedure. We are both feeling very anxious over here today. Going to soak in the hot tub as soon as the sun goes down. We are having a yard sale tomorrow which will not be peaceful but will hopefully help us get rid of a lot of stuff.

The pastry you described sounds scrumptious. I would enjoy one of those for breakfast on patio. Glad your garden is in full bloom. What a delightful place to recuperate. And read our new book??

Susanne said...

What a delightful post, you had me googling the 2 pastries to see which I might prefer -- just based on photos, it is a tough call. Of course, in person I would favor which looked to have the most chocolate. And while I also looked up that artist and that house in the sky, I spent far more time looking at pastries.

I am glad to hear you are recovering nicely, and hope you feel as good as new before your upcoming overseas travel.