Monday 26 June 2023

Me on a Monday

 Please don't look too closely at the pile of washing in the basket behind me - it's all clean, just waiting for ironing!  Yes there's a lot of it.  Yes I have been putting off doing it.  Yes, it has been way too hot to think about getting the iron out!  The trouble is that I've reached the pre-holiday point of thinking about what clothes to take and even if they haven't been worn since last holiday I always feel they need a quick wash to freshen them up.

So I think you can guess what one of my Monday jobs is going to be and it's one of my least favourite ones.

Last week was a hot one, and what do sensible people do on hot days?  Start crocheting a new blanket 😆

Poor old Leo had a really bad case of chicken pox from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, inside his ears and mouth.  After constantly saying 'we hope he catches it from Rosie' it was a case of 'careful what you wish for'. So our childcare was just for girls last week.  We took Olive to Pets Corner at a local park but although it was a cooler day, the animals were still hiding in the corners and in the shade.  

We had a trip to Cambridge on Friday and enjoyed walking around in the sunshine and then going to our favourite Sicilian cafe for lunch.  It's such a lovely atmosphere there and even better in the sun.

Tomorrow I have to wait in for a windscreen repair company.  Driving over to collect Olive on Wednesday a van travelling in the opposite direction caused a small stone to hit my windscreen.  Just a tiny chip in the bottom corner, probably not worth even having it looked at.  Until I went out to my car a few hours later and the small chip was now a very long crack!  Hey ho.

So what's happening this sunny Monday (apart from putting off the ironing as long as possible?) Well my friend's exhibition on shopping lists has left London and is at our local Arts Centre so I'm planning on going there.  Since she started collecting discarded lists I've been more aware of how I write mine - all those abbreviations which mean something to me but are gibberish to anyone else!  I also try and write them in the order in which I walk round the shop whereas Paul will write it by category - fruit and veg first, meats and fish next, bakery etc etc How do you write yours?  


Patio Postcards said...

How exciting to have a new crochet project & the colours look so pretty. Oh dear about your windscreen needing repair. I often find discarded or lost shopping lists & I chuckle on what some are written on (ie old envelopes). I think most of my lists are made as I move through the week before shopping day, so a really random list but usually on pretty list paper pads.

Barbara Eads said...

I rarely iron. Most of our clothes do well with a fluff in the dryer. Can't wait to see what pattern your new blanket will be. You have a knack for picking great color combinations. About the chicken pox--when I was a young and inexperienced mother, I just thought my daughter had some bug bites. Imagine my horror the next morning when she woke up covered---after we had inadvertently exposed the entire skating rink the night before!

Ruth said...

The colours for your new crochet project are indeed very pretty!
I also have a ton of ironing (which I may begin to tackle this evening). Re shopping lists, mine are as I think of items we need - no system at all!
Do hope young Leo is fully on the mend. said...

What beautiful colors of yarn you have chosen for your next project. I especially like the coral or melon color. Can't wait to follow along on your progress. I am doing a bit of sewing on a textile project for the 4th of July. My stitches would make my mother cringe but it has been surprisingly fun for me.

So so sorry about the chicken pox. Leo really had a bad case. Poor baby. I think all of my grands have escaped the chicken pox so far. Not sure how that's possible with all the daycare though.

Hope your car insurance covered the new windshield. When I was driving my car to South Carolina to be shipped to Panama (another lifetime ago), a truck through a rock onto my windshield and it broke in a million cracks. Funny how yours was a tiny spot and with a few hours' time it became much worse.

I caught up on my ironing today. Because PC hasn't been going to work and we haven't gone to church, there wasn't much but he is back at work this week. Next week's ironing basket will be full.

PLEASE take photos - if you can - of the grocery list exhibit. Fascinating. I use a master list for my big shopping days but scribble smaller lists on bits of paper and then take pictures of them so I have them on my phone. As I always forget the list at home.