Monday 11 December 2023

Me on Monday

 Oh hello! Is it Monday again? We’ve had a busy weekend, which ended with a drive by from a very important person just as our grandchildren were about to go home after a pre-birthday dinner for Paul.

Olive was a little bit apprehensive about going out to see Santa so stayed safely in the doorway with her mum. It’s a bit scary when you’re only two! It's organised by our local Rotary Club and such a lovely thing for them to do in the lead up to Christmas.

We started the weekend with a show by Leo and Rosie’s drama classes. I have nothing but admiration for those people who spend so much time organising events like that. The children did so well and obviously enjoyed themselves. We’d also had Rosie’s nativity play earlier in the week so I think we are now well in the Christmas spirit!

So this Monday finds me popping into town to pick up a couple of things I had ordered on click and collect, then having friends over tea and cake in the afternoon. Tuesday is Paul’s birthday and at 66 he is now officially ancient enough to get his state pension. Wednesday we will be looking after Olive and then Thursday it is the turn of Max to have his nativity show. Friday we are going for a meal with friends, and we have friends coming over for dinner on Saturday. That’s another week done and dusted. With a lot of eating and drinking!

Is it just me that finds that the closer Christmas gets, the faster the days fly past?


Patio Postcards said...

How fun that Santa did a drive by for all the children to see. Were letters given to Santa? I've yet to get mine written to the big guy.

You have a very busy ahead of you, with lots of fun things planned. Happy Birthday wishes to Paul.

Ruth said...

How marvellous that Santa timed his drive-by (sleigh-by?) perfectly - I miss those days when I took The Boy to see Santa. :)

Happy, happy birthday to Paul!

Barbara Eads said...

I just love it when santa stops by! I remember arranging that for our girls--it was a fundraiser. They were so surprised! I just love the holidays!

Jennifer said...

Happiest wishes to Paul! Hope you have a nice evening with friends this evening...and then again tomorrow! Ah, but it is the holiday season. The season for eating:) Enjoy every delicious holiday morsel (January is coming - lol!!)