Friday 26 September 2008

OK, on the 21st I booked a lovely weekend away for this coming weekend. On the evening of the 23rd I had planned an enjoyable scrapping evening to get up to date with my pages for the 20th and 21st because Paul goes out to play badminton on a Tues evening and I had the house to myself. At 8pm I heard his key in the door ... "I'm home, but it's not good news", I went into the hallway to see his friend carrying him into the house. He had torn his calf muscle! He's done this before, 2 years ago, and ended up on crutches for almost a month so I could see that our lovely plans for long walks etc along the Suffolk coastline were not going to happen. So my lesson for the day is that I kind of regret not suggesting that he gave badminton a miss on the days leading up to a weekend away! Pic seems out of focus - think maybe it needed flash - ooops!

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