Tuesday, 30 December 2008

25 26 and 27

I've been a busy little bunny today! It was another spooky coincidence for the 27th prompt though. Sleepy days. This on the day that I succumbed to the cough that everyone else has had. I have had more restless nights than ever I did when the children were babies! Why is it that a little tickly cough can work it's way up to such a frenzy when it is 2am and you are desperately trying to get back to sleep and not wake the whole household up?

More to the point, how did Shimelle know it was going to start disturbing my sleep on the 27th ...

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Unknown said...

Knew it... nothing wrong with your handwriting!
Lovely pages, and those portuguese tartlets look divine. I know exactly which sort you mean, and I'm useless with pastry so I can't help you there. My mum swears it devends on the temperature of your hands. Hmm. I'd need to submerge mine in ice for an hour.