Monday 8 December 2008

7th & 8th December

Didn't quite get round to putting yesterday's layout on the blog so here it is with today's. The weekend kind of flew by and the Christmas celebrations have now started in earnest. 2 dinners out on 2 consecutive days is no good for the waistline! And this week there are another three to go ....! But it's nice to catch up with friends and be sociable, and I've decided that if I don't order dessert but share someone elses, then it is their calories I am consuming not mine so that is ok isn't it? ;-)
Back to JMC - here's the next two pages ...
In hindsight I kind of wish that I had chosen bigger pages as I could have put more on, but at the time 8 x 8 seemed a good way of doing a quick page every day. Probably by 25th I will be pleased I don't have much space to fill!

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