Tuesday 20 January 2009

Not a good start to the day

I really think that my window cleaner should ring the doorbell to let me know he is there before he just suddenly appears at a window. Imagine my embarrassment this morning at being in the ensuite shower room and hearing the ladders of the window cleaner suddenly hitting against the bedroom window frame. Please bear in mind that the last person in the shower room had taken the last towel and left it somewhere else so I had nothing to hide behind. Also that my clothes were laying on the bed. I couldn't walk from shower room to the bed to collect my clothes without scaring the poor man to death, but equally, we have a large 6 window framed bay window in the bedroom. It has leaded lights so takes some time to clean and I didn't have that time to hide in the shower room, I needed to get to work.
So I had to crawl along the floor from the ensuite to the bed, in the hope that the bed would hide me. I grabbed my clothes - and as he bent down to rinse out his cloth I rushed across to the landing to get dressed. (I hope you aren't laughing) I got to the landing, started to get dressed - and realised that I hadn't collected everything and that my undies were still in the bedroom.
Now I know why other people have net curtains!


Denise said...

Yep,I'm laughing- poor you - and don't you think they do that no warning thing ON PURPOSE ?? !!! xx

Unknown said...

Oh I'm sorry, I laughed too. How could I not! I'm sure you're laughing at it now.
The tooth fairy story was LOVELY! I shall have to remember that in a few years time!