Wednesday 14 January 2009

Skating on ice

You would think that after waking to frosted windscreens and freezing fog I would have been more careful. Might have thought that the shiny paving slabs in amongst the gravel in the front garden path could possibly be icy rather than wet. But no. Oblivious to the potential hazard and keen to get on my Wednesday Power Walk with Lynda, I strode out from the front porch, made it across 3 slabs and then felt the wobble. The slide of my foot slipping precariously away from me, the gravel coming up to meet me as I felt inelegantly to the ground. Fortunately due to the cold weather I had several layers of clothing to cushion my fall, but I am now bruised and grazed and a strange ache is setting in around my shoulder and the top of my spine.
I suspect I may have to rest this evening with a gin and tonic and be fed chocolates while watching the tv from the comfort of my armchair ;-)


Denise said...

Poor you - for sure you will have to be fed chocolates and have gin and tonic on tap and of course dinner tomorrow night and you could have a tray on your lap with your scrapping goodies ... wish you better soon xx

Latharia said...

OUCH! I hope you recover soon ... ice and solid ground are not at all friendly for falls. :( At least you'll be able to relax with a beverage, chocolate, and some scrapbooking goodies!? :D

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