Monday 16 March 2009

Crop pages and winnings

I decided the only way to explain all that was in my winnings was to take a photo so here is what I won:

Isn't it lovely? The photo doesn't do the colours of the album and papers justice, they are just so lovely and exactly the colours I love at the moment. Thank you Sue from Crafty Stash
So - onto the pages we did. I was really pleased with the first one, despite it involving an awful lot of cutting out of leaves. Very fiddly for an impatient little scrapper such as myself but the finished effect was lovely so worth all the scissor work.
I'm not sure my son will be pleased to see that the background paper used for the 2nd layout was floral but hey - if no one tells him about it, he will never know ....
Today I am definitely going to get my timeline done for HTE. There really is no excuse. It is my day off, the only other thing to do is housework - yuk! I had my innoculations for my trip to Tunisia this morning and I am sure the nurse told me I was supposed to rest for the remainder of the day ;-)

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