Wednesday 18 March 2009

Timeline for HTE

Oh dear, I am falling behind with the prompts for the HTE project but I'm not too bothered as it really doesn't matter if it takes a while to do, there's no time limit.

But there is now a time line!

These pages took a long time to do, not because they were difficult but because it involved getting old pictures out of albums, scanned into the computer, saved and printed off. That part of the process wasn't the time consuming part, it was the fact that at 6pm one day I found myself sitting on the floor of the bedroom, surrounded by old photo albums, reminiscing about old holidays and remembering funny things that happened, watching the children going from toddlers to teenagers to adults. I was so engrossed - dinner was late that night! It was great to have a reason to get the old pictures out and it reminded me how lovely it is to flick through a photo album. It's great to have the photos stored on the computer but somehow it still isn't the same as sitting with an album on your lap, I guess these scrapbooks are kind of an extension to a photo album!

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Denise said...

Looking good- I need to get cracking ! x