Saturday 28 March 2009

Longer journeys

The journey I have chosen for the 2nd part of my 'there' pages is one that took place over 10 years ago now. It was my first 'long haul' holiday and an exciting trip for us as a family. We went to Orlando, Florida. Spent a week in Disneyland and then relaxed for a week in St Pete's Beach. It was such an amazing holiday, Disneyland spoils you for any other theme parks and it was so memorable. The kids had an amazing time. This holiday really was something for us to look forward to as my mum had died just before Christmas and we all needed something nice to focus on and planning it took my mind off things.

This is the first page of a double page layout- the 2nd one will concentrate on the 2nd week of our stay in St Pete's Beach. Which has become quite spookily appropriate when I tell you about the news I have had this week. More of that later (or tomorrow depending on whether or not I finish it this afternoon!)

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