Thursday 30 April 2009

D & D Challenge

Yesterday was my day off and I popped into my local scrapbooking supplier and picked up some free samples, not to mention inspiration from the work on show! It's a tiny place but such a large variety of papers and embellishments. They are probably moving to new premises so I look forward to more frequent visits when they have the space to show off more pretty things.

I also saw my good friend Denise and on the spur of the moment she got her son to take a picture of us and then we challenged each other to come up with a page layout from it. As I was driving home, two things happened.

1. A big red warning light pinged up on my dashboard to say I had a puncture. Fortunately, minis have run flat tyres so I just slowed down, drove especially carefully and managed the ten miles back to BS and my local Kwik Fit. They checked it all over and found nothing wrong so another little 'mini mystery'.

2. Whilst driving slowly I remembered an old photo that I had of me and Denise taken at a friend's wedding in 1981. So when I got home I trawled through all the old photo albums (what a mess I made!) and found it. It was perfect for the layout I had in mind so here it is:


Denise said...

Fan dabby dozy layout and you must tell me where that scrapbooking supplier is - she sounds like she has a good stock :-) xx

Denise said...


I'd love a scan of that piccy if possible x

Unknown said...

I've been waiting to see the other one from that meet - nice pics and LO! It is nice to have friends that last!