Tuesday 14 April 2009

Out of Africa

I'm back! A little worse for wear, but with happy memories of Tunisia.
BAD BAD memories of the flight home, which has left me with a horrible ear infection, mega pain and tinnitus in one ear but hey!
Tunisia was fab. It wasn't a place I had entered on my 'Places I want to go to' list but it got chosen due to it being a place neither of us had been before and £400 cheaper than the Canaries!
The culture there is so different to anywhere European and it was such an experience.
The hotel was lovely and Port El Kantaoui was very pretty. The weather was mixed but on the whole we had more sunshine than showers so that was good. People always ask, 'Would you go back' but I'm not really the kind of person that likes to go back to places, there are too many new places to see (apart from Portugal, but my sis has a house out there and it really is like a home from home) But if you were thinking of trying somewhere different I would definitely say 'go' as it was spotlessly clean, the people friendly, food very cheap and a very different atmosphere to the normal European destinations.
When I am feeling better and the noise of typing on the keyboard does not hurt my poor damaged ears, I will write more and post more pictures. But in the meantime, here's our hotel!

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Denise said...

Welcome back - missed you and hope your poor ear is soon much better xx