Thursday 16 April 2009


When my daughter was little, she suffered with lots of ear infections. She would cry and scream and be inconsolable. As her mum, I would feel so helpless as nothing I could do would take away her pain. We just had to tick off the hours until sufficient antibiotics (and Calpol) had been given and the infection went away.
Well now I know why she screamed so much. Ear infections are HORRID. And this one does not seem to be going away very quickly. I don't think I've felt this ill for a very long time and speaking as someone who does not easily turn to pills for pain relief, I can't believe that I am just watching the clock to wait for the 4 hours to be up before I can take something else.
More to the point, on Saturday I am supposed to be hosting a 60th wedding anniversary celebration for Paul's M&D and we have 30 of his relatives descending on us at lunchtime. Surely I will be better by then - won't I? I have serious cooking to do, thank goodness I did a bit before I went away but I hardly think 2 quiche, 2 cakes and 2 desserts is going to share out between 30.
Even more to the point, on Sunday I am supposed to be going to another Crop Day at WGC and I was so looking forward to that, it was my little treat after the onslaught of the day before! But I am in no fit state to drive at the moment due to serious dizziness issues.
Repeat after me: I will be better in time. I will be better in time. I will be better in time ........


Denise said...

you WILL be better in time, and I am so pleased you are supposed to be coming to WGC - I had it in my mind you weren't coming this time for some reason..xx

Unknown said...

Obviously the mantra worked! Hope you're feeling better now.