Wednesday 22 April 2009


I would hate to think that anyone was thinking that I was wasting my days off sick so here is a page that I did this morning.
I've used pictures that we took on the day we went into Sousse. It was quite an experience, you think you know what to expect when you are told the shopkeepers are persistant and want to barter but until you have been - you have no idea! Also, the goods on sale are - how shall I put this? - not always of the highest quality and I really did not want to bring home a stuffed toy camel. You can see a typical shop in the photo.
Whenever we go away, Paul likes to find the highest possible building, go to the top and take aerial views of the city. This means that over the years I have spent many a happy hour loitering around at the bottom of said building on my own waiting for him to finish photographing from every angle. I have an absolute phobia of lifts so anywhere that is higher than I am able to climb by stairs is out of my reach. Obviously as I get older and more unfit, this will seriously reduce the amount of aerial photos taken with me in the foreground! So there is one photo showing the rooftops of Sousse, and one of me sitting on a wall waiting at the bottom of the staircase.
Tunisia was a lovely experience, the people and the culture there is so different from European destinations. It was a really nice holiday and whilst it wasn't a place I particularly had on my 'to do' list, I am really pleased that I have been.

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