Tuesday 18 August 2009

not so stress free scrapbooking

I had been very dubious about running ribbons or fabric through my printer at home as the receptionist at work once brought the whole office to a standstill when a label came adrift in the printer then and gummed up the whole innards of the machine and I had visions of fabric getting caught up and ruining my machine at home.
But everyone else seemed to be coping OK so I bought some 'freezer paper' and ironed my fabric onto it. So far so good. Loaded it into the paper tray, held my breath and pressed 'print'. It almost got caught up in one corner but I eased it through and the result was pretty good. Whatever was I so scared of? ;-)
So instead of printing the 'love' printable onto old pages of books, I did it on fabric and used it on Friday's page :

Now all I need to master is the technique of holding the camera at arms length to take an impromptu self portrait!
And of course, being a lady of leisure meant that I have managed to do my 'seasons' page as well. Don't ya just love working in a school with all the holidays?! I enjoyed doing this page, the patchwork effect is a good way of filling space very easily, I can see me using this again!

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