Friday 14 August 2009

Sarah's Challenge

So, here's the thing. Sarah included me in a challenge that I have to pass onto 4 other blogs so I'm sorry about this Denise, Robyn, Chloe and Cleo but you are my chosen 4!

Here's what you have to do:

Open the 4th file on the computer where you store your photos

Choose the 4th picture in that file and publish it on your blog

Explain a bit about it

Pass the challenge onto 4 other bloggers

In the words of Aleksandr the Meerkat on 'Compare the' - Simples ...
I was worried about the chance of the picture being something cringeworthy but it's not too bad! For our 25th Wedding Anniversary (yes, I am THAT old!) Paul and I went to Barcelona for a few days. This is a picture of a building somewhere along Las Ramblas and has really interesting stonework. The gargoyles on the buildings were amazing, and those of an innocent disposition probably shouldn't look too closely at some of them ....

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