Tuesday 27 October 2009

Half Term - Day Two

Well, having 'spring cleaned' my blog yesterday I guess today I do need to turn my attention to that logo picture. Even though it's something that I am sure will be covered over the next month, Little Miss Impatient here is itching to have a go at doing it myself!
Now the dilemma, if I'm using a picture of my own rather than just downloading a 'Cutest Blog on the Block' page - what should I choose? So as I am home alone this morning I think a little photo shoot is in order. Cue ridiculous self timer disasters where I don't quite get back to the right side of the camera in time before the shutter goes off!
If you are reading this after lunchtime and the blue and brown palm trees are still there - you will know that somewhere in Hertfordshire is a frustrated, despondant and fed up scrapbooker who clearly shouldn't be allowed into Blogland on her own!

ps It's done! I know it's a square picture in an oblong box but trust me, it's taken a while to get it even that far. Maybe I should have waited for the class to start with proper instructions!


Denise said...

Look at you - so now you have worked it all out, task for the afternoon-can you please tell me how to make my photo fit the bit at the top of my banner/header so it's not all square at the bottom?
there will be a cream cake in it for you next time we meet- or a ryvita if you are still being good xxx :-)

Amy said...

Oh Deb, I know what it feels like when you get going on a project and you feel as though the instructions can't come quick enough! Looking forward to what Shimelle has in store for us - I feel like such a novice LOL!