Friday 19 March 2010

Sports Relief

Working in a school means that whenever something like Sport Relief/Red Nose day happens we all have to dress accordingly. Which is why I ended up going to work wearing a Spurs shirt today. Not my normal attire I can assure you. Still, all in a good cause. The students and staff all donate £1 to not wear normal school uniform/smart clothes so I think we should be donating about £1200 to the charity. One of my colleagues is a keen horse rider and wore her full dressage 'kit', Jodpurs, boots, ruffled shirt, fitted jacket, hair in a net and hat - she looked amazing!

Anyhow, can someone please explain to me why I am struggling with prompt 3 of the class? There is no reason for this, I have plenty of plain card stock and I know what photo I am going to use but I cannot get my act together and put a layout together. It doesn't help by going on the forum and seeing what others are doing because everyone else seems to be having no problem whatsoever making fabulous designs and I just feel inadequate in comparison. Think I need to pull myself together, give myself a good talking to and make a start. Maybe once I get the desk messy with papers and all manner of embellishment things it will all come together. Does anyone else have any suggestions for how to get over a stumbling block? Is it better to go away and leave it a while and come back to it, or is putting it off just making it harder to start? What do you think?


Sian said...

That sounds like an excellent fund raiser. I tend to leave things for a while if I can't get started, but then I'm more of a procrastinator than I should be so that's probably no help!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm finding this prompt difficult as well....probably because I never make pages without patterned papers!!!
So this afternoon I've been cutting up squares of brightly coloured card....ready for a bright birthday layout...what, exactly, I don't yet know!!!!

Denise said...

You should have taken a piccy of you in that Spurs shirt! I have the same mental block too - I normally go away and come back to it ( doesn't help one bit )!!!!!!! lol

humel said...

Hey, good for your school with all that fundraising :-)

As far as the cardstock prompt went, I found it hard to get started too - which surprised me, because I'm not so much into patterned paper but love cardstock! I often find that if I just mull over an idea for a while a layout will start to take shape, and then I can get on with it x

Rachel Brett said...

Yes I found this one hard too Deb, Have been thinking about it all day and have been backwards and forwards thinking of ideas. Just literally finished it!