Thursday 3 June 2010

Snorkelling? Not me!

But I guarantee my husband will have packed his snorkel mask in his hand luggage. His favourite beach for snorkelling is here , Dona Ana beach in between Luz and Lagos. Literally a 10 minute drive from where we will be staying. The sea is COLD along the Algarve coast, it's the Atlantic and I struggle to go into the water past my ankles but my husband loves snorkelling and I am more than happy to stay on the beach looking after the beach towels and bags reading a book. This beach is not that well known by tourists, and if you go there at the weekend, it is literally full of local families with picnic tables and the whole family from great-granny to tiny babies. Always a good sign I feel, when somewhere is popular with people who live there. So I am guessing that today we may have caught the local bus and ended up here.


Sian said...

That's such a lovely spot. The friends we stayed with took me round there on their jetski from Lagos. Love it!

Amy said...

It looks lovely Deb - a lot of beaches just out of Melbourne are like that too .... little hidey-holes!