Saturday 22 October 2011

Decision time

Well the day has finally come.  Time to decide who will get the book.  Time for me to 'man up' and agree to hand it over.  So, the following people offered to take it off my hands {thanks a bunch}
  1. furrypig
  2. Mel
  3. Heather
  4. Sandie
  5. Amy
  6. boysmum2
  7. Cheri
  8. Kimberley
  9. Scrappy Sandi
  10. Jennifer
Alexa very kindly offered to have it again if no one else was interested despite having had it once already.  I don't think so, but a very good try nonetheless!  Hmmm - is it too late for me to enter into my own giveaway under an assumed name ......

I was going to roll a couple of dice but then it was pointed out that certain numbers may have an unfair advantage/disadvantage and I'd hate there to have to be a steward's enquiry.  I do hate maths and all numeric issues involved in it so I will go back to the drawing board.  Popped round to investigate the chance of using puppy for drawing the number.  Turns out that if you lay 10 doggie treats on the floor, numbers 1-5 have gone before you get to lay the last one down.  10 doggy toys on the floor?  Puppy takes flying leap across floor, skids to a halt across the ceramic tiles and tries to get at least four in her mouth at the same time. 
It is clear that I am going to have to resort to technology ... and so - oh random one, which number will you choose ....

So, Sandie is the lucky lady!  Congratulations Sandie {she says through gritted teeth} I think - no - I know, you will love it.  Let me know your address and I will send it off as soon as I can.  It's half term next week so I have no excuse for not getting to the post office!


Jo.C said...

I have loved these posts on this pass the book - sorry seem to be revelling in your distress ;0)
Have a really good half term and congrats to Sandie - you will definitely enjoy if not love it.

humel said...

I hate technology :(

And, you know, well done and congrats to Sandie and all that...! ;)

Have a great half term Deb xx

Amy said...

Well done to Sandie, I am sure she'll look after it well for you Deb!

Sandie said...

Yay, it's my lucky day! If we had video comments you'd see my huge smile! But something tells me I should be much more subtle about sharing my joy at being the lucky number drawn! I know what it is like to have a book that you love prised away while you smile through gritted teeth and prepare to package the parcel and post it to ME! Sorry... my excitement slipped out again.
(Compose sad face....)
Thank you Deb, I look foreward to receiving it.

Sian said...

I think Sandie will love it!

Sandie said...

Deb, in my excitement I forgot to say that the idea of your puppy gobbling up the treats as fast as you laid them made me laugh and the image has stayed with me! I have emailed my address so you can 'Pass the Book' and suggested that you could always make the address indecipherable so that the postman has to use the return label. But I know you are just too nice to think up such a thing!!

boysmum2 said...

Sandie must be feeling like the All Blacks at present, all smiles and a large happy heart, Deb you must be feeling like the French, well played but disheartened about loosing something special. Thanks for passing it on, justr sad it wasn't me, oh well maybe next time

alexa said...

Delighted for Sandie - and no, I haven't had THIS book once already, but I have had one from the Pass The Book Series!