Sunday 9 December 2012

JYC Day 9 - treats

If Santa is ever looking for a new little helper, my daughter is the perfect candidate.  She loves Christmas, and every year it surprises me how much our family traditions mean to her.  You don't always realise when you are starting a new tradition.  One minute it's something off the cuff that you decide to do, then it's a success so you do it again the following year and then it's all part of the Christmas routine.
Four years ago I decided to buy my little Christmas elf a special Christmas glass.  Something to use over the Christmas period.  I bought it as a little bit of fun, it was cheap and cheerful and I think it was from somewhere like Woolworths.
The following year, whilst shopping in Tesco, I saw another Christmassy themed glass and, on a whim, bought it
Last year, I was shopping in Next and saw this pretty mug in the homeware department, I liked the way the Christmas graphics were shaped into a heart
You'll notice that each year we are going a little bit more up market, so this year whilst shopping in Cath Kidston I saw this ...
The strange thing is, that these glasses and mugs are in the same place in the same cupboard all year round, but she only brings them out to use at Christmas time!  I kind of like this little traditional treat, but having gone up to bone china, Cath Kidston, I'm not sure where I'm going to end up shopping next year!


Rhona said...

Thanks for your comment today Deb, what you said about Claire is so ture.
It's funny how you started this tradition about 4 years ago. I started buying a Christmas mug for myself about 4 or 5 years ago and now each year buy myself another one. This year my girls decided they'd also like one, so we've all got new Christmas mugs :) x

Jennifer Grace said...

These are all fabulous but I do like the Cath Kidston one the best! Perhaps you'll need to buy a champagne flute next year! x

helena said...

last year I bought some John Lewis festive mugs on a whim and jsut bought some more as I realy enjoy having different mugs for December. Love your daughter's set

boysmum2 said...

I have a complete simple dinner set plus glasses that I bring out each year, oh and place mats too. Although this year it has made it out of the roof and on to the floor in the dining room but not actually out of the box. Not sure it will even make it this year!!