Monday 15 June 2015

Me on a book loving Monday

One of my responsibilities at work is to be in charge of the administration of the annual School Awards Evening.  There's a lot of paperwork involved.  It involves 70 school prize winners and 44 people getting silver cups and glass trophies.  There are parts of it which make me almost a nervous wreck.  But today is the day that makes it all worthwhile.  The students are all given a set amount of money to put towards a book of their choice and then a week before the event the bookshop delivers them to school to have book plates and book marks put inside them.  Today was the day.  The day when £750 worth of books are delivered to ME.  I love it!  I love the diversity of choices and have spent a happy Monday morning sorting and browsing.
Here's what £750 worth of books looks like:
Some people had chosen books I probably ought to have read
Some chose books I would never read even if I lived to be 100

Some look fascinating
Some made you want to pop down the travel agent
Some were really interesting - the secrets that the museums keep for themselves hidden away
Some were amusing
A few people had chosen a 'classic'
One chose one that I think I could learn a lot from
And one was lucky not to be brought home with me
All in all, it's been a pretty good Monday. 
Which followed on from a pretty good weekend too - there was much tea and cake involved.  A neighbour held a coffee morning as a charity fundraiser for Nepal so naturally I had to go and drink coffee and eat cake.  Then we finally moved everything back into the kitchen as the flooring was completed and I had to check the oven was working properly and the only way to do that was to make a cake.  After three weeks I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not being allowed to use my cooker! 
Let's give up a wave to Sian and see what she's up to this Monday!


helena said...

what an interesting range of books - I think it is fabulous that they get to choose the book that they want - I remember being given books chosen by teachers and being hugely disappointed

Ruth said...

I'd love the book part of your job, too! Interesting choices.

scrappyjacky said...

What a great and diverse selection.

Sian said...

Now there's a title to pull me in :) I love takes me right back to the similar scheme our school used to run. In my first year, I remember, I chose a book called "Roses and Rainbows" which was a kind of local Little House on the Prairie. It's funny to see now that I still have the same kind of interest. I remember a boy getting teased for choosing a Blue Peter annual..but he was still only 11! That's a great selection there..bit frightened by the interest in Dentistry..

Lou said...

quite a selection there and the maths one makes me think why! although no1 son could have done with that today in his further maths gcse!

alexa said...

Hurrah for the new kitchen now being in operation :). And I was desperate to open the pages of quite a few of those books (minus the dentistry, naturally). I am surprised you can get any work done with all wonderful stuff sitting nearby!

Susanne said...

Oh I would have loved to help you sort and browse too!

Alison said...

I would enjoy this part of your job too!...I remember picking ' the Great Gatsby' and 'War and Peace' as prizes! Xx