Monday 4 February 2019

Me on Monday

What do they say about pride coming before a fall?

Last time you saw me I was trying to kid myself that my new exercise class was turning me into a lean, mean, fitness machine.  So let me put that right straight away.

I'd been to Barre Fitness, felt that I had improved and the following day I went to Zumba, feeling all smug and fit and lithe and supple.  I took my place in the row, the teacher started the music, Justin Timberlake was singing his little heart out, and then suddenly I felt a twinge.  In my left hip.  'Dance it out' I told myself, 'it's just a twinge.'  

An hour later I limped to my car, drove home, slowly negotiated the step at the front door and had to admit that I seemed to have pulled a muscle somewhere.  That'll teach me to think I'm fitter than I really am.  Will I return to Barre Fitness?  At the moment I'm finding all manner of reasons not to, trying to reassure myself that just because I may miss one class, that won't stop me going back the following week.  Watch this space ...

We went to see The Favourite on Friday.  With a dodgy back I wasn't sure sitting still for two hours in a theatre seat was the best of ideas but it was actually quite comfortable.  Olivia Colman was so good in her role as Queen Anne - has anyone else been to see it?

So what am I doing this chilly Monday?  Meeting up with an ex-work colleague who left working at the school after being offered a contract with a publishing house and is now officially a full time author.  She's just finished writing her 6th book, which just goes to show, you may have to wait a while for your dreams to come true but hard work and determination will get you there in the end.  I'm looking forward to an hour or so of putting the world to rights and catching up on all the gossip over a nice cup of coffee and a toasted tea cake!

I don't really have a photo to share of my day because I want to post this before I go out but I once read that every post should have a photo so here's a picture of Coco wondering where the grass had gone after our snowfall late last week.

Keep warm and have a good week!


Ruth said...

I do hope your sports injury recovers quickly - not nice! Does Coco like the snow? Miss Tilly really wasn't very keen!

Catherine said...

We went to see The Favourite a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the acting and the costumes very much but thought the ending was a bit weird. I much preferred Mary Queen of Scots which we saw on Friday.
Barre work sounds a lot more controlled so less chance of injury maybe. I hope thepulled muscle feels better soon.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh yes I do hope that sports injury is fully recovered & that you are back in full swing of the two classes.