Tuesday 5 February 2019

Sentence a Day - January

Well hello 2019, how nice to see you.  It's taking a while to get used to the fact that we're no longer in 2018 but I'm sure that by the end of the month we'll be used to it.  So with a rather sleepy start due to a late night/early morning celebrating New Years Eve, let's get started shall we?

Just the word 'January' transports me back to 1975, I was 17, in the 6th form at school and enjoying all those carefree teenage days of the mid 70s.  This song by Pilot was in the charts and now I've found it on youtube I know I'm going to be singing it all afternoon.

So let's fast forward 44 years now (how many? 😱) and see what January 2019 held.

Day 1 Feeling a little tired due to staying up late last night and seeing in the new year with friends - have enjoyed spending the day watching an episode from my Christmas present box set of Greys Anatomy season 14 and doing a bit more of my puzzle - am starting the new year off in a very lazy way!

Day 2 Watched an episode of 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' which made us feel guilty about the state of the garage so we ended up in Homebase buying a shelving unit, which has now been filled up and the garage is looking suspiciously tidy!

Day 3 Finished the jigsaw I was given at Christmas - amazing how much I got done when Leo wasn't around!

Day 4 More tidying of boxes of things in the loft - this time going through the old Christmas decorations that used to be my mum's - next year the ones that I've kept will definitely be going on the tree.

Day 5 Time for the Christmas tree and decorations to come down, doesn't the house look bare when you take all the glitter and sparkles away?

Day 6 Leo discovered a box of bits and bobs left over from when I did scrapbooking, he was in his element playing with the cutters and stickers.

Day 7 Took Leo for his first day of proper pre-school on his own; he didn't even look back to say goodbye and I had very watery eyes on my way back to the car park.

Day 8 Stayed overnight at my daughter's house as her husband had to go to Manchester for work - I think Leo was more than a little surprised to see me when he woke up!

Day 9 Can you hear the silence?  Isn't it lovely? Home alone and time to start work on my next sewing project

Day 10 Zumba class - really enjoyed it and am starting to feel like I can relax and put more into each exercise now I've been going for a while.

Day 11 Had lunch out in town at Eat17 which is several street food restaurants all under one roof, decided to go for the pizza - good choice!

Day 12 Actually got to spend some more time sewing my new quilt.

Day 13 Family lunch here - ranging from Great Grandma to baby Rosie.

Day 14 Booked a week away to my sister's house in Portugal - not just the two of us though, we're going with Rachel and her family so I'm guessing Nanny and Grandad will be kept busy!

Day 15 Coco's usual dog groomer has not been working since the end of the summer after a cancer diagnosis but she has the all clear after her treatment and is back making our little fur baby looking lovely again.

Day 16 Tried a new fitness class - Barre Fitness - was pretty intense but fun and then I undid all the good work I did during the day by going out for a Thai meal in the evening with friends!

Day 17 Aching legs today (must have been doing something right in the Barre class yesterday) but that didn't stop me from going to my usual Zumba class this morning.

Day 18 Started to prepare the walls in the downstairs loo so that Paul can start painting.

Day 19 Managed to bag a bargain in the Phase Eight sale, a lovely cotton top -was £40, down to £16

Day 20 Afternoon tea to say 'good luck in your new job' to someone I used to work with at the school.

Day 21 Just another ordinary Monday, catching up on chores and doing a bit of sewing.

Day 22 Hair cut and colour, isn't it amazing how much of a boost it is to have a good haircut?

Day 23 A busy day sewing and happy to be able to say that the front of the quilt is all in one piece

Day 24 Mother in Law's 92nd birthday - I think her secret is a glass of sherry before lunch every day!

Day 25 Met up with a couple of old school friends in the evening for a meal out and a chance to put the world to rights over a glass or two of wine.

Day 26 A day of catching up on chores, a relaxed meal in the evening followed by another episode of The Sinner (I know I'm late to the party, is anyone else watching it on Netflix?)

Day 27 Family Sunday which also included my son who brought with him the good news that he has been offered a new job!

Day 28 Cannot put it off any longer, time to go for the blood test my doctor recommended last week.

Day 29 Popped over to Saffron Walden to buy a couple of presents for people who have February birthdays.

Day 30 Back to Barre Fitness for the 3rd time, it didn't hurt so much this week - am I getting better or was I doing it wrong?

Day 31 Zumba! Also did my 'big' shop today in case the forecasted snow arrives overnight tonight, this way I can hibernate tomorrow!
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Gail Is This Mutton? said...

A glass of sherry every day sounds good to me! Your hair looks lovely. I wish I could try a Barre class - there aren't any near me.

Tamara said...

So can relate to the lovely sound of silence after time with the grandkiddies! I love mine to pieces, but oh my is all that energy exhausting after a time!

The Barre classes seem to be a real thing pretty much everywhere, and you've motivated me to give them a try!

And I agree about the lift a good or new haircut gives. I'm always inclined to buy some new blouses just to better show it off. 😆

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

OH man Barre class is brutal. It never gets any easy for me, but it feels so good walking out of the class. I like that it mixes up my normal routine. And LOL to the ruined by eating Thai. But Thai is so good! :)

Natalie said...

Good on you, Deb, for doing Zumba and Barre classes. A haircut always makes me feel lighter. Have a terrific February!

Joanne said...

Lovely quilt. I am going for a haircut this week and am so excited! I haven't been since before thanksgiving and it is amazing how much of a difference it always makes on how I feel about me.

Jamie Moore said...

I absolutely love barre!! I mean, I swear I'm dying at the time, but it feels great after!

Ruth said...

I'm pleased you decided to continue with this monthly round-up.

alexa said...

I've really enjoyed reading this - such a great idea, and gives a real flavour of your month. You look fabulous with your new hair cut :). Always such a boost, isn't is? And your quilt is looking lovely, with those swirly patterns.

Deb's World said...

It's so good to see what another Deb's World, on the other side of the world to me, gets up to during the month! Enjoyed seeing your new hair do, looks lovely! Enjoy the month ahead Deb :)

onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said...

Hope your blood work came back a-ok. A glass of sherry sounds like more fun than vitamins and exercise. Think I will try it!

Your quilt is gorgeous. What great work you did on it. Love the different prints and the color palette. Well done!

I gave up on my Christmas puzzle. I had set it on my puzzle board and the kitties were sliding from one end of the table to the other on it. Pretty certain I vacuumed up more than one puzzle piece, too. I need another little 300-piecer to work on.

Will you be painting your entire downstairs? We are going to have to think about doing that in a year or so. Our walls are a chamois color which makes the house very dark, especially in the winter. Would love to lighten things just a little.

Coco looks lovely, glad her groomer has fought and beaten the enemy - cancer.