Friday 2 August 2019

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt link up 2

Can't believe that it is already time for the second link up for Mary-Lou's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - time to fill in some gaps!

1 I had originally seen an outdoor clock on the church in the Algarve but think I prefer this sundial as it's a bit more original

2 Single and pretty.  This rose bush in our garden is all leaves and only one flower!  But it has competition for this category as we also have this

A sunflower which Leo has grown from seed.  He is amazed at how it has grown from tiny to now towering over the roofline of the conservatory!

4 Blurred vision - thanks to the filter on the camera on my phone

12 Crooked - I wasn't sure if this was appropriate but when I checked the definition of 'crooked' it said 'bent or twisted out of shape' in which case this home grown tomato definitely fits the bill!  On closer inspection it looks like two or three tomatoes have grown into one another to make one monster tomato but it is most definitely twisted out of shape!

13 Two colours of the rainbow next to each other

15 Broken chair?  Well, not exactly broken but definitely needing care and attention (may have to revisit this one!)

16 Out of season treat being enjoyed - Rosie in her new Winter hat (whatever possessed me to want to knit a hat in the middle of summer?)

19 My 'flying nun' bumper sticker!

Not many more to find now and I'm always on the look out for duplicates that I may prefer to my original choices so the hunt is most definitely still on.


Patio Postcards said...

Oh Deb that crooked tomato is a classic! I do hope it was sweet eating. Rosie's hat looks good on her ... there's something so romantic about sun dials in a garden.

Ruth said...

I love the tomato - am still searching for my crooked and bumper sticker. Rosie looks adorable in her gorgeous hat!

Barbara Eads said...

I love all of your photos and your take on them. I started this project, but have not finished it. Can't way to see what you do with these pictures! said...

Thanks to your suggestion and inspirational photos, I have begun doing this. Going to share my photos all at once. Coco is adorable even blurred! The sundial was a lovely take on outdoor clock. And your flowers and unique tomato are so bright and cheerful. What a green thumb that Leo has!