Tuesday 27 August 2019

Worth a second look?

Two weeks ago I went to the opticians and was told I needed a new prescription so it was the perfect opportunity to get some new frames.  I spent about half an hour in there trying on so many different styles.  How can it be so hard?  All I knew was that I'd had too many metal frames and wanted a new style this time.  So I chose some perspex frames, in a more rounded shape.  Today I went and picked them up.  Here's the before and after pic - old frames on the left and new ones on the right ...

When I met my husband in town his first reaction was 'Oh, they're really similar to your old ones'. 



Patio Postcards said...

That is such a man response to your new glasses (lol). Very nice frames, subtle changes & I like the rounder softer edges to the glasses.

Ruth said...

I also like the rounder edges of the frame - they suit you.