Thursday 1 August 2019

A sentence a day in July

Over half the year gone already?  What?  Next thing you will be telling me is that Christmas is just around the corner 😝  I know the official link up isn't until the first Tuesday of the new month but this last month has been pretty special so I can't wait that long to share it!

July.  The month of Wimbledon tennis and school holidays.  Was it a month of wall to wall sunshine, strawberries and cream, sand in your sandwiches at the beach or always taking a cardigan and a fold up umbrella out with you 'just in case'?  Let's see.

Day 1 Sun! Popped over to the town where I grew up and had so many happy memories when I walked past my old primary school

Day 2 Cloudy!  Popped into town just to buy a couple of birthday cards and ended up spending over £20 in the food hall of Marks and Spencer #dontgoshoppingwhenyourehungry

Day 3 Hot glue gun, Venetian masks, feathers - what could possibly go wrong?

Day 4 Zumba then babysitting Rosie for a little while

Day 5 Went to see 'Yesterday' at the cinema - imagine a world where you were the only person who remembered the Beatles, there was no Coca Cola and Harry Potter had never been written ...

Day 6 Popped over to our son's in the morning to drop off some baby equipment Rosie has outgrown, lunch out at a local deli and then friends over for drinks in the evening.

Day 7 Tried out a new recipe I found in this month's Delicious magazine, slow roast belly of pork with roasted peaches.

Day 8 Met my sister in town for a coffee, something we don't get to do very often even though she doesn't live that far away.

Day 9 Rachel, Leo and Rosie came for dinner as James had to work late

Day 10 Catching up on housework day, then had the urge to do some baking so looked out my Mum's recipe for rock cakes - handed down family recipes taste good and bring back happy memories.

Day 11 Zumba! With a party theme this week so we were asked to bring in something to shake for a routine to Copacabana - Leo kindly lent me something (I am available for booking if Barry Manilow needs a dancer who can bring her own fish design maracas)

In other news Coco went to the groomers

Day 12 Met up with my friend Sally for a play date with our grandchildren

Day 13 Didn't feel 100% so spent the day just catching up on housework and reading

Day 14 Went to a reunion meal with 10 old school friends, hard to believe we have known each other 50 years now 😳

Day 15 Had Rosie to stay for a few hours in the afternoon - Leo had woken up covered in spots and had to go to the doctors - not chicken pox as we suspected but a 'viral infection'

Day 16 Beautiful sunshine, popped into town, lovely sunny dog walk

Day 17 Day to myself - husband out all day, Rachel and family had a day out together at Colchester Zoo, no interruptions at all so I was able to catch up with book reading and watching tv shows that I'd recorded!

Day 18 Leo visited while Rosie had her appointment at the allergy clinic - he's never keen on going home and much bribery has to take place to get him back in his mum's car.

Day 19 Cote restaurant in town is offering a free bottle of rose wine during the month of July, it would be a shame to miss out so guess where we went tonight?

Day 20 Helped Rachel and James try and tame the jungle that is their garden; it's never going to make it onto 'Gardeners' World' but it's a lot more tidy now.

Day 21 Two extra guests for Sunday lunch this week, Jon and Sophie came as their baby is now overdue and they found themselves with no plans for the weekend (having thought they would be at the hospital!)

Day 22 Went to Saffron Walden today, not for anything in particular, it has some interesting buildings and is just a nice place to visit

Day 23 Temperatures in the 30s during the day and a massive thunderstorm overnight (was Mother Nature showing her opinion of our new PM?)

Day 24 We have a feeling this evening that our daughter in law may be showing signs of going into labour ...

Day 25 Baby Max arrived on the day when temperatures were the highest on record for the UK ever - so happy he is safely here

Day 26 Got to visit baby Max today, then had to rush home for our Italian evening

Day 27 Our friends didn't go home until 1.20 am so feeling a bit jaded today

Day 28 Max is out of intensive care - perfect excuse for another hospital visit

Day 29 Popped over to our son's house to wait in for a parcel delivery, Sophie's mum also popped round with some shopping for them so it was nice to have a Nanny to Granny chat over a cup of tea!

Day 30 A back to normal day, even the weather resorted to a default setting of drizzle, we certainly have had a mix of highs and lows and everything in between this month.

Day 31 Our son asked if we could pick up something from a local shop and bring it over to him - as if I needed an excuse like that to go over and have another cuddle of Max!

So that's it, July - it's a wrap and here's a little video of daily clips that made the final cut

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Patio Postcards said...

A wonderful month captured. I enjoyed your video at the end.

Ruth said...

Hooray to the safe arrival of baby Max! I do love this monthly feature of yours!

Deb's World said...

Love your baby cuddles! Great month Deb, hope the heat isn't too much for you :) said...

Welcome to baby Max. They told me when I was pregnant and very past-due that a significant change in barometric pressure can bring on labor. So I am thinking the storm the night before Sophie went into labor and then that day of record temps probably did the trick.

Have uploaded 1 Second Everyday because I love it so much on your posts. Thank you!!

Don't you adore that Leo wants to stay with you rather than go home? It does a heart good to be so cherished. Lucia is often the same way. Love my grands.

So glad that you were able to enjoy your dinner, complete with those darling masks, once baby Max made his debut. What was your menu? Hope you took pics and will share.

Natalie said...

A wonderful July, Deb. Welcome baby Max to the world. Thanks for sharing your video of daily clips with us. #sentenceaday