Monday 19 August 2019

TGIF on a Monday

Last week I was looking forward to a fun Zumba class and I was not disappointed!  

Check out those orange leggings - I think I can safely say they won't be seeing the light of day again any time soon!  Fortunately everyone else in the class also entered into the spirit of the theme so I wasn't the only one looking totally tropical.

That Rosie and Leo will behave themselves on Saturday.  It's Rachel's birthday and James is taking her to London for lunch at a favourite restaurant so we are on babysitting duties for the afternoon.  Now Rosie is crawling, Leo is not so patient with her as she tends to ignore her own toys and only wants to play with his so wish us luck!

That we have been invited out to three events over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend!  Curry night with friends, a family get together for Paul's side of the family and an early birthday celebration for Leo.  All that food and drink and I don't have to prepare any of it 😉
To try some different vegetarian recipes.  We try to have one meat free day a week and I need to check out some different cookery books.  I have a lovely veggie lasagne recipe and we sometimes have quiche or Spanish omelette or spaghetti carbonara but I'm bored with them.  Any recommendations?
Well, there won't be any neon coloured leggings worn this week but I am hoping that our fun will come from the events at the weekend.

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Patio Postcards said...

You do look very topical & that zumba class sounds like quite a lot of fun. I'm also a little bored with my vegetarian options so I'm rooting through different online sites. Fingers crossed your two little visitors are cheerful for the day.