Monday 17 August 2020

Normal British weather has resumed

 Last week we were bemoaning the fact that our weather temperatures were around 37.5 degrees/almost 100 degrees and energy was sapped, fans were on and it was just too hot to do anything.  This week -

Not only is the patio under water but we have a rather large puddle appearing on the lawn.  Our neighbour who has a small weather station in his garden registered that we had received 2.5" of rain in 24 hours.  We are lucky in that we live on a higher point in town, down in the town near the river the roads were completely flooded, cars stuck in the water and in one place the water was waist deep.  

So there isn't much to report over here in Deb's World, I have been busy making a couple more face coverings

I can't decide which style of mask is most comfortable, the shaped one or the pleated one, which do you find the best?  Not that any of them are particularly comfortable, especially when you wear glasses!  Also, how many masks do you need?  I now have six which is probably enough as we also have some disposable ones but I can't work out if you wear a mask to go shopping in the morning, can you wear the same one in the evening so long as you have carefully folded it to ensure the inside hasn't touched the outside?  

One thing I have realised when wearing a mask is how often I smile at people.  Then realise that they obviously cannot see me smiling!  For instance I know I was smiling in the bottom photo but there is no way that you could tell is there?  Oh well, I know I'm being friendly even if no one else can see it!  How are you coping with the new face covering rules?  Do you feel safer?  I'm quite happy to wear it in public, we don't know if we're asymptomatic so if it saves one person catching the virus then it is worth a bit of discomfort in my opinion.  Who would've thought, at the beginning of the year, that we would have a new fashion accessory to wear by the end of summer?


Patio Postcards said...

In person, I believe the eyes always tell people if you are smiling - your eyes will sparkle through the mask, which are both quite nice. I also have a couple of styles of masks & I am liking the ones with the nose V with wire. (saying the mask has a V style makes me think of V for victory which from all Mr Man's WWII books was Mr Churchill's call for encouraging folks to get through the less than ideals of war, which we are in now with a virus.) said...

I agree, it is hard to tell our demeanor with a mask. My granddaughter, Camila, tries to pull the masks off of us when we go out. I think they scare her but I also think she can't get a 'read' on our moods with them on. But I do think our eyes can indicate how we are feeling, too. Just maybe not to a 7 month old.

Goodness, wish we could siphon off some of your puddle water for our yard. We were so hopeful for a big storm yesterday, when our electronics blew up with notices of one approaching. The warning was extended an hour because the storm was so slow moving and powerful. By the time it arrived, we truly had no more than 10 minutes of rain. Ridiculous!!

Your masks are lovely. I have several very 'loud' print masks but only a few that are in a sweet and delicate looking fabric. We can wash ours at noon and they will be dry by 12:30 in our sunshine. But I am out and about so infrequently that I don't wash mine as often as I should, I'm sure.

Susanne said...

I just had someone tell me the other day that they could tell what I was thinking even though I was wearing a mask; I don't know if they then figured out I started smirking at them in a bit of disbelief. It is much more difficult to tell when you can't see the whole face, but I do think your eyes in the first photo were more serious than the second - but I doubt I would have noticed the difference without you're saying. I only have the pleated style mask, and I rotate through 3. I use them each for one day before washing, as I am out about every other day for 1 stop usually, occasionally 2.
As far as the weather, we've been through a bit of a wet spell as well. The weather has seemed weird this year, but maybe that is only because we have so much time on our hands to analyze it. Take care, stay well.

Barbara Eads said...

We've had a pretty rainy summer--which adds to the humidity. I walk early so it's not too bad. The garden is loving all the rain. Even though we have a sprinkler system, there's nothing like a good rain to really drench everything. Luckily, flooding has not been an issue here. As for masks, I think they will be a way of life even after all of this is over. Personally, I prefer the disposable masks. That way I don't have to worry about washing them. We're still not going out much, so only wear the masks for short periods.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I probably shouldn't but I use the disposable ones. I do have a cotton one a friend made me but it's too hot and makes my glasses steam up even worse than the paper ones. We don't go out much so I'm not using that many so that makes me feel better.
We were lucky with the rain this weekend. We had our grandson and family staying and we managed to get two sunny days before it rained the day they went home. Mind you it hasn't stopped since!!

Ruth said...

I like the pleated face mask best - I've been wearing disposable ones (but should switch to cloth ones) - I sterilise them in the microwave them for 2 minutes after use, so that I can then reuse them. That way, I might wear the same mask over several visits to the supermarket - which obviously isn't that often.

When we went to the Lakes, I counted on a mask a day for each of us and we stored them individually in bags when they weren't in use. Each bag had an initial on the outside to help avoid cross-contamination.

I keep telling myself that the rain is good for the garden!

Maggie said...

I carefully put away the masks I had washed and now can’t find them! I will have to get a few more. When I was a nurse we always had masks that you tied. Far more comfortable that this drafted elastic