Monday 31 August 2020

Scavenger Hunt Link Up 3

 It's time to link up to share our next batch of finds for the Scavenger Hunt 2020 organised by Marie Lou.

My finds for this month are

10 Something smaller than a paper clip

I do love little ladybirds so this was a natural choice for me!

12 Something that holds your favourite beverage

Do I go for alcoholic favourite



Now this mug may not be the prettiest, but it is my most favourite coffee mug.  It's a handmade earthenware mug that I bought when we were on holiday down on the south coast when we were first married so it's almost 40 years old and coffee just tastes delicious in it.  There is no way I would use it for tea, because as we all know, only china will do for a proper cuppa.

20 Something with the number 7 on it

This should have been the easiest of the batch as we live at No 7 but I thought this was a good find.  When Paul had been clearing out his Mum's house he came across a few of his old toys that she had kept in a drawer by her bed.  This little car was one of them and perfect for this project I think!

Alt A

An animal statue

Many years ago an elderly aunt of mine gave my sister, my mum and me one of these squirrel garden statues each for a Christmas present.  It seemed a bit of an odd choice of gift but this little guy has come with us every time we have moved home and he'll always have a place in our garden.

A month to go and four to find - that's doable isn't it?  Are you joining in too?  How are you doing?  


Patio Postcards said...

Great finds & I like your pink drink staging! Thanks for joining in the SPSH searches.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

Nice finds!
I agree, mugs won’t do for tea. 😊

I have 4 prompts left now for September.

Maggie said...

Great finds. I have really fallen behind 😩

Barbara Eads said...

I never seemed to get off the ground with the scavenger hunt this year. I love your "finds"! First, it's cute how you say "lady birds" where we say "lady bugs!" As for your coffee mug--I don't drink coffee. I agree that a china cup is the best for a proper cuppa, but since I'm a daily tea drinker, I do use a mug---and I actually have a couple china ones. But if I'm "serving" tea to guests, it's always china cups! As far as #7 goes, I love your little race car and the fact that it was your husband's as a child. Your stone squirrel is adorable and a fond remembrance from your aunt! You have such a fun collection here. I've enjoyed seeing everything. Makes me wish I'd done it after all!

Ruth said...

Good finds - I've been pondering the 'smaller than a paperclip' one. so thanks for the inspiration! :)

♥ Liz ♥ said...

More great finds. I didn't tick any off my list this month but I only have 6 to get so I should make it by the end of the month. Fingers crossed :0)

alexa said...

Super finds - I do like your photo of the you and the pottery mug - and yes for tea and china :).Your ladybird is a very cute capture. said...

I think these are some of your best shots. Aside from the photos of your darling grandchildren, of course. Love the #7 and the story behind it. Is that a working land line phone?

Yes, yes to both an alcoholic favorite beverage and a non-alcoholic choice, too. I thought too hard on this one. Had a wine glass photo I took this past month but the wine in the glass at the time wasn't my favorite wine. Ha! So I didn't use it. Need to get over myself.

A the little squirrel. Such a cute little fellow for your garden. I have a gnome my grandmother used to have in her garden. Would that count?