Friday 7 August 2020

Scavenger Hunt link up 2

So here we are with the next link up for the summertime scavenger hunt organised by Mary-Lou.  How can it possibly be time for the second batch already?  Normally I'll have checked a lot of these off on a foreign holiday but I've had to look closer to home this year.  It's made it a little more of a challenge, but it won't stop me coming up with 20 photos by the end of the summer!

3 - Something with the colours of your country's flag.

As I pulled up outside my house I realised that the centre display panel in my car covered red, white and blue - how convenient!

5 - Something you have more than one of 

{ahem, quite a few more than one, this is just one shelf of recipe books!}

6 - Something in the shape of a triangle 

Does putting three triangular Greek feta cheese and spinach pastries into the shape of a triangle make me an overachiever? #needtobuyatriangularplate

9 - Something that starts with the initials of your name (first or last) 

Dog and Knees.  First and last - definitely overachiever tendencies this year!

11 - Something you need to throw away.  

Due to the work in the garden, we had so much rubbish to get rid of, we had to hire a skip.  This was taken the first afternoon; by the time they came to collect it yesterday it was full to overflowing!

13 - A rubber band in use

Beautiful roses - one thing I missed in the early stages of lockdown when we were all relying on 'click and collect' or supermarket deliveries was having fresh flowers in my hallway.  They just weren't available to add to an online shop.  When I was able to actually go into a shop myself one of the first things I headed for was the fresh flower display.

17 - Something naturally round. 

About 20 years ago we went to Lanzarote on holiday and brought back a cactus, it is still alive (proof indeed that cacti thrive on neglect!) and has many little round babies which we have repotted.

19 - A stone/rock/pebble with some colour in it.  

Don't pebbles have some beautiful colours when they are wet?  Leo loves lifting up these pebbles that we have around the base of a tree in our garden, just to check on all the creepy crawlies that are likely to be living underneath.

Alt C - Something with four sides.  

I am bound to need to use an alternative for one of the original 20 so in anticipation of that I've snapped the lovely clock tower on the covered seating area overlooking the beach at Frinton.

So - I think I've ticked off 12 of the 20 and have one alternative up my sleeve - if you are joining in too, how are you doing?


Patio Postcards said...

Deb thank you for joining in. Great finds. With Ruth's pizza triangles & your spinach feta triangles, I am in need of some take away treats! Ah roses & oh my your little round cactus! I did chuckle at your steering wheel find. Dog & Knees - perfection in this find. I hope there's lots of before & after photos of the garden renovation. Happy weekend.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Over achiever? Never. Dog and knees are perfect for that prompt. I love your cactus. I have to admit that my cactus is the only thing that survives in my house and all my other greenery is artificial :0)

Barbara Eads said...

You have the perfect collection here. Now will you scrapbook these, or is it just for the fun of the search?

Ruth said...

Dogs and knees? Absolutely brilliant! And now I'm thinking what I can achieve with my initials ... :) said...

Absolutely a type A overachieving personality! And I love it! Such great photos. The books! The triangular pastries arranged in a larger triangle. The roses. They remind me I should treat myself to fresh flowers in the very near future. The rocks in your garden are lovely. So many shades of grays, blues and browns. So glad you encouraged me to do this scavenger hunt, too. Now to link up with Mary Lou if it isn't too late.