Monday, 16 August 2021

Me on Monday

 Last week was a busy one yet I can't honestly pick out much to blog about.  You know that song 'Busy doing nothing ...'?  I think that sums it up!  

Monday was a wash out - literally!

However, this was the week where we took Leo and Rosie out for the day and discovered the secret of where Santa stables Rudolph in the summer

The end of the week was more sociable with us having friends round for drinks to celebrate the end of their isolation after their son tested positive.  I met with ex work colleagues for coffee in the garden on Friday and on Sunday we went for lunch with my sister and brother in law to my cousin's house who we haven't seen for almost two years.  You can guess why!  All times we felt we were being as safe as possible, keeping distance and being either outside or in a well ventilated room but it still felt strange.

So Monday this week finds me with a pile of ironing waiting to be done, hopefully a visit to the zoo tomorrow, Max on Wednesday, Zumba on Thursday, cooking cupcakes on Friday and Leo's birthday party on Saturday followed by friends coming for a Curry Night in the evening.  

I can put off that pile of ironing no longer - have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

What fun getting to meet Rudolph ... maybe a few whispered wishes in his ear might help. Doing some social things certainly is going to take a while before it truly feels alright & normal again. I hope that the weather holds for a lovely time at the zoo.

alexa said...

How special, getting to see a reindeer! Hopefully you will all enjoy the zoo too. That looks like a very full week ahead ... Yes, finding one's balance with meeting others takes a bit of doing, doesn't it. We had someone in our home recently whom we hadn't seen for nearly two years and that felt a little strange. Good luck with that ironing - hopefully you have nearly finished now! said...

Rudolph looks very content and happy in his summer digs. Glad you and the kids found him!! I have ironing awaiting me, too, but this week I am going to pick up the girls from school which means leaving home at 2:30 and not returning until after 5:00 pm, probably. Ugh. Your photo of the washed out day is very pretty. We are just about to float away. So thankful for the rain but we have had more than half our annual rainfall in the last 4 days. Thinking one of us needs to learn how to drive a boat!! Or at least row one.

Christie Hawkes said...

Sounds like a lovely week, Deb. We've had rain this week too--several days of it. We need it, but maybe not so much all at once! Like Leslie, I'm going to need a boat soon. I'm looking forward to some socializing this weekend, getting together with my sisters on Saturday and celebrating my 12-year-old granddaughter's birthday on Sunday.

Ruth said...

It's almost Monday again and I'm determined to catch up on my blog reading before it actually arrives!
How lovely to stumble across Rudolph - was he on his summer holidays, maybe?
We've also being doing a little more socialising and like you, it's been mostly outside and with a little distance between the groups. We've even been to the pub!

Barbara Eads said...

Your rainy picture looks professional. Well, you might not have much to show for the past week, but your upcoming weeks is brimming with possibilities!