Monday, 13 September 2021

And the winner is ...

Emma Raducanu! It was unusual for us to sit and watch a tennis match on a Saturday night but how could we miss the final of the US Open when one of the finalists was an 18 year old British girl?  It was such a good match, both girls were equally talented but oh how happy we were when Emma won that final point.

There was one other English 'lady' who was not quite so happy that day.  Coco.  It was time for her annual check up and vaccination.  Last time we weren't allowed into the surgery with her and she got herself so stressed they queried if she may have a heart murmur.  This year Paul was allowed in with her and she was much calmer and they said if there is a murmur, it is very low grade.  But then they looked in her mouth and the news was not so good.  She needs a tooth removed so we've had to book her in for day surgery in a couple of weeks.  She's a devil for letting us brush her teeth, and we've hoped that dental chews would help keep her teeth clean but apparently they haven't done the job.  

As if that wasn't bad enough, Paul asked if we should be giving her any vitamin or mineral supplements now she is over 10 and they said she should be on Senior dog food.  Senior! She walked in a sprightly lady, and walked out a senior in need of dentures.

Needless to say she will be getting lots of extra cuddles and walks over the next couple of weeks leading up to her operation!

This Monday finds me about to load up the car and pop to Rachel's to give a hand taming her front garden; they really aren't gardeners and now we are heading into autumn it's time to deadhead and cut back the undergrowth and someone needs to go and show them what needs to be done.  

Yes I think it's time to acknowledge that autumn is well and truly arriving.  Despite having a lovely sunny day yesterday where we even ate our Sunday lunch in the garden, the solar lights in the garden are switching on earlier and earlier every evening, the mornings definitely have a chill to them and I'm thinking about packing away my summer dresses.  It's almost time to have that 'chat' about whether or not to switch the heating back on or just wear a thicker jumper!

Have a good week x



Patio Postcards said...

Oh poor Coco & I did chuckle at your comment about her walking in a spar young lady & walking out like a senior lady. I think we are all having days like that!

How nice of you to go help out in the garden at your daughter's. Hopefully you'll have two little helpers to keep you company.

I am hanging on to every last day of summer that I can ... I'm not using the A word as yet (col).

Susanne said...

Poor Coco, yes she will deserve extra cuddles! Good luck with daughter's garden. Hubby said this weekend that it is time to get back to the garden center to replace a small tree in our landscaping that died this year. I am looking forward to having that space filled again as it is on the front of the house, in between the two windows on the garage. It looks very strange empty after 25 years.

Ruth said...

Poor Coco - the indignity of ageing!
It was good of you to go round and help R with her garden - could you please pop around to mine next?
I think Autumn has arrived in London today - raining and leaves falling onto the drive - it's still quite mild, all the windows are open. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Coco - I feel your pain!! But hooray for extra snuggles!! Milk it for all you can, Coco!!:)