Monday 27 September 2021

The longest day of the year

I think Paul and I both felt sick with anxiety for most of Friday.  It felt like every hour had far more than 60 minutes in it.  We dropped Coco at the vets for her operation early on - having to negotiate our way around queues for petrol stations where people were panic buying petrol.  The media should learn that the headlines 'no need to panic' will definitely result in panic.  We tried to keep ourselves busy to while away the hours before we could ring to see how she was, but oh how those minutes dragged.  We called at 2pm but she had only just gone into theatre and they said they would call when she was awake again.  Almost two hours later we nervously answered the call which told us that all went well and she was already ok to be collected.  You've never seen us lock up the house and get in the car so fast!

Here she is with her pressure bandage on showing just how skinny her little legs are when not covered with fluffy fur!  She's come home minus six teeth.  SIX! I feel like a bad 'mum' but she will not let us get a toothbrush anywhere near her mouth, even as a puppy she refused.  So Monday finds us taking her back to the vets for a post op appointment.  She has definitely been treated like a princess all weekend.  Who am I kidding? she's treated like a princess every weekend!

In theory we should be getting our flu vaccinations this week.  I say 'in theory' because I keep hearing of delayed supplies so I'll believe it when I get to the pharmacy and sit down with sleeve rolled up ready for the needle.

At least with trying to keep busy on Friday we have got quite a few jobs out of the way that had been on the list for a while.  We have a newly painted front door, the plants in the garden which have finished flowering have all been cut back, and here's testament to how I tried to keep my mind occupied - I am totally up to date not only with washing, but ironing as well!  

It's good to start the week with a tidy house, garden and empty linen basket - a perfect reason to sit down and get busy with my crochet.  Baby due in just over a month so I need to do some every day!

Have a good week x


Ruth said...

Poor, poor Coco ... I do hope she bounces back quickly ... and that wee skinny leg of hers!

Patio Postcards said...

So glad Coco came through her surgery OK. She is certainly sporting a colourful bandage on her little leg. Oh dear gas shortages, flu shortages ...aren't we living in a reactive time.
Your empty laundry basket is definitely one of those Marie Kondo celebration moments.

Jennifer said...

Oh, just the sweetest little girl! What a champ, she is!! Here's to a quiet week...where absolutely no laundry or ironing is whispering to us from down the hall!!