Monday, 20 September 2021

Me on Monday

 D is for:

Daisy the dachshund.  I thought we'd start the week with a spoonful of cuteness!  This is the new addition to our daughter's family and she's very tiny and very cute.  Needless to say the children are beside themselves with excitement, we just have to now break the news to Coco that there's a new kid on the block getting the attention.  

Coco and I found ourselves with a free day on Saturday as Paul had an art class at a local museum and I decided the time was right to go through my wardrobe and donate anything summery that hadn't been worn, put away the things that I know won't be worn again until next year and replace them with the autumn/winter clothes that I packed away earlier this year.  It's one of those jobs that takes time and you have to be in the right frame of mind to do it properly or you make rash decisions with the donation pile (that you come to regret) or lose interest and just keep everything!

In normal times we normally celebrate the start of summer with a paella at our friends house, it's kind of a tradition, cocktails in the garden beforehand, then an authentic paella using a recipe that was given to them by a Spanish friend.  For reasons I don't need to explain, we weren't able to go to their house to do that this year so we found ourselves celebrating the end of summer this Saturday evening.

So with the tidying mood still flowing, today sees me tackling the pile of toys which is threatening to take over the spare bedroom.  This is a job that can only be done when you don't have a small person with you saying 'but I love that toy/game/book Nanny'. Neighbours very kindly offer us toys when their children outgrow them and I'm too soft to refuse anything but I have to face facts, there are things that don't get played with so wish me luck as I roll up my sleeves and add some more to the donation box!

Have a good week.


Patio Postcards said...

Daisy is absolutely adorable & without upsetting Coco, I hope we see more of Daisy.

I agree that sorting the closet is a solitary task & one has to be in the right mood for doing a successful sort. I imagine if you don't mention the donated toys, some little people aren't going to miss what isn't there ... good luck.

I will be having a good bye summer drink/nibble time on the patio tomorrow,but no tears this time & a welcome Autumn cup of tea when "she" arrives on Wednesday afternoon.

Ruth said...

All the heart emojis for Daisy!
My wardrobe needs going through, when can you come round?

Susanne said...

Daisy - the absolute doll. Maximum cuteness in minimal packaging. Love it.

Was I suppose to read the rest of your post as well? Sorry, had to chime in about her immediately!! said...

Oh my gosh. You know, and I hope Coco knows how much I love HER. But this new baby, Daisy, is pretty darn cute. I bet the kids are in pig heaven. Are her ears just so silky soft? Give her a love for me but give my friend Coco a big love, too.

Oh, Deb, I need to wade through my closet again. Too many things that I haven't worn. But just as you said, if I do the purging in the wrong frame of mind, I could wind up with an empty closet...or, maybe worse, not purging anything at all.

I don't have a lot of toys over here for the kids. Maybe one big clothes basket full? Was about to toss all the newborn baby things and then Brennyn announced she was pregnant. Guess we will keep the pack and play, the high chair for several more years to come. GLADLY!!

alexa said...

Your newest family member is very sweet ... no wonder they're all excited! With you on the wardrobe front - I can really relate to the energy it takes to make decisions on the keep/donate pile. I used to do this in one fell swoop but have decided to take it gently this year - or for as long as I can stand the piles of clothes on the floor!

Jennifer said...

Oh no, could they? But that really is an adorable new friend! I'm sure you will be friends, right?? (And always your mama's favorite!!) :)