Monday 17 January 2022

Me on Monday

 It was a 'getting back to normal routines' week last week.  

  • Nice easy Monday
  • childminding Tuesday 
  • and Wednesday 
  • Zumba Thursday 
  • a meal out with friends on Friday

Cheers to the weekend!

So, where does this Monday find me?  

Remember the Boxing Day that we never had the day after Christmas?  It's now rescheduled for the 30th and in an attempt to revive the Christmas spirit I'm going to get a few little gifts for everyone so a little bit of retail therapy will be going on later today.

Monday also finds me engrossed in the UK news headlines at the moment.  I don't think I have ever been so cross with the people supposedly in charge of us.  Every time you think it can't get any worse, it does.  Aargh!

Monday is on the diary for being the first day of my seriously stepping away from all those post Christmas treats that 'needed to be eaten up'.  I have my meal plans ready for each day and will be trying hard not to supplement all the healthy food with chocolate delights.  I did say 'trying' to - there's never any guarantees 😉

Come back next week and see how successful I was!



Patio Postcards said...

I like that you are planning a redo of Boxing Day. So glad to read then that all the family are healthy again. (yeah).

I don't think any world leader is handling situations with the best/wise decision making abilities once had by leaders. Many are silly or angry little boys playing king of the castle ... I'll say no more.

Yeah to retail therapy & a little good quality chocolate is actually good for you.

Susanne said...

Sounds like a good week. I am blessed this week to be scrapbooking with my sister, and then hubby and I have dinner out with friends planned on Friday. Cheers!

Ruth said...

Cross is the polite word for how I am feeling about the current government!

How lovely that you are able to rearrange your Boxing Day gathering ... fingers crossed that everyone stays well!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Enjoy your substituted Boxing Day & I hope you found some lovely gifts on your shopping trip. Good luck with the meal planning & treat rationing! So far so good for me on that score but it isn't easy!! Keep smiling!

Jennifer said...

Ugh to headlines. Sometimes it is best to just skip the news....will only make you want to eat those leftover Christmas treats!! Hope your week is already proving to be lovely!

alexa said...

Hoping the meal-planning and your post-Christmas gathering are successful and trouble-free, and enjoyable. Aargh! to the news: especially blood-boiling here in the UK, but alarming and worrying too on other continents. I'm in my seventh decade and cannot ever remember such a time of turbulence. Perhaps this is what the slow death of a civilisation looks like!

Barbara Eads said...

I share your distress with world leaders. But I am mostly upset about the royals. As you know, I love everything about the royal family and the UK. I'm still not over Harry spilling the royal beans. Some things just need to remain private. IMO! As for Andrew---all I can say is "Are you kidding me??"