Monday 4 July 2022

Me on Monday

 Preparing for a holiday never used to be this stressful I am sure.  What with flight cancellations and ridiculous queues at the airports on all the news reports it feels very hard to get excited about going away.  Will three hours be long enough to get through check in and security?  Is 4am early enough to book the taxi to pick us up?  Wasn't it lovely when all you had to wonder about was 'am I taking enough swimsuits?'

I guess I always have my crochet to occupy my mind in the lead up to going away - and the blanket is definitely coming together now.  I just have 2 more coloured 'postcard' block and a 'wish you were here' one left to do.  I have even joined the two completed end blocks to the middle section

I've even gone 'rogue' with my appliqué decorations and made a whale and a sailing boat instead of the beach hut that the pattern suggests

in other news - guess who had a birthday this weekend?


Eleven years old!  This is her new favourite place to lay in the garden, she's completely flattened the flowers down and I can't believe it's comfortable for her but maybe it's slightly shaded there and cool to lay in when it's sunny?  

We stepped back in time yesterday and went to Leo's school fete - it's been 21 years since we last went to a fete there and at that time I was on the school PTA so was busy behind the scenes so it was nice to just be a visitor this time!  There was a great turnout so I'm hoping they will have raised lots of money for the school.

So Monday finds me in a bit of a dilemma, having left it until late to buy currency - just in case - I have been checking online for the best rates locally and Tesco came up on top.  So I've just been up there to buy some Euros and guess what?  The foreign exchange doesn't open on a Monday - doh!  Looks like my quest will be taking me into town later on ...


Patio Postcards said...

I like summer fetes, there's usually some tasty food treats to be found.

The travel via flight seems to be a world wide problem - Toronto airport has what seems a mountain of luggage gone astray. So a return to travel doesn't seem to be without major headaches ... travel by air & risk cancellations, lost luggage, huge delays or travel by car with soaring gas prices. Coco may have the best idea, find a cool spot in the back garden (col).

Your rouge crochet of the whale & sail boat are so cute - good choice :)

Ruth said...

I hear you re what's occurring at airports right now ... fingers crossed!
Your blanket is looking absolutely fantastic!

Jennifer said...

Four AM for a taxi - oh my!! That is an early start. There really are so many other things to consider these days. I do hope you have smooth (and safe) travels! And happy birthday to that cute pup!!

Susanne said...

Well, your crochet is really coming along. I adore the whale! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the travel portion of your holiday is trouble-free; I know of no one who thinks it stress-free.

Deb's World said...

I hope the trip was good Deb, travel is getting quite stressful these days!