Monday 11 July 2022

Summer Photo Hunt - 1st check in

I seem to be off to a slow start this year!  Hopefully some time away will help me fill in some more of the gaps, but at the moment I can offer these

3 - Stairs

Our annual visit to Frinton gave me the perfect excuse to photograph some of the lovely beach huts along the front

7 - Leaf vein

I love the colour of the leaves and the veins are such rich contrast

14 Leftover

This is the remnants of a tree which has been 'leftover' after being cut down and if you look carefully you can see that someone has carved a bird and an owl into the trunk

15 Windpower

Our friend had decorated her garden with red white and blue bunting and these lovely giant coloured windmills for the Jubilee party

So that is it for my first show and tell for this year's photographic scavenger hunt.  Are you joining in too?  Pop over to Patio Postcards  to see what everyone else has found.


Jennifer said...

Those leaves are just stunning! But I think my (most) favorite is the first photo! I love it...and I want to go on vacation:) Have a wonderful week ahead. Here's to all the photo opportunities!

Patio Postcards said...

Thanks Deb for playing along with the 2022 SPSH. I like all your finds so far - that left over tree trunk is an usual one for sure. What a large & beautiful leaf. Cheers to more finds.

Ruth said...

I do like your leftover tree trunk - great idea! The beach huts and steps is also a lovely shot.

Susanne said...

I am planning on joining in, but I too am a bit late starting. Your snapshots are wonderful. That pinwheel simply brings joy, doesn't it.