Friday 1 July 2022

A sentence a day in June

Day 1 Didn't have Max today as Jon has this week off work so childminding duties not needed.  Coco went to the groomers and I went into town to collect a dress I had ordered from M&S.

Day 2 Invited to our neighbours house for drinks and barbecue, went to the town park later in the evening to watch the lighting of the beacon to celebrate the Queen's 70th anniversary

Day 3 Rachel and family over for Jubilee lunch, weather was sunny, set up an obstacle course for the children in the garden.

Day 4 Street party after lunch then round to friends for a jubilee barbecue in their garden - it's been a very social weekend!

Day 5 The last day of the jubilee celebrations on tv, was lovely to see the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Charles, William and George - all the heirs to the throne.

Day 6 Spent time on my crochet project as Week 3 instructions were published today and I had to join all my Week 1 and 2 sections together ready for the next part

Day 7 Had Rosie here for the morning, spent the afternoon doing some alterations to a couple of new dresses that I have bought for my holiday - the hazards of only being 5' 1" means you have to be ready to alter a few hems!

Day 8 A day to myself as Max on holiday and Paul doing his volunteer work, sat in the sun reading our online book club choice for much of the afternoon

Day 9 Zumba is back - was good to have a fun hour of dancing

Day 10 The tree surgeon came to shape the cherry tree in our garden, it seems like it may be dying on one side so this is a last chance for it to grow back

Day 11 Went to Saffron Walden in the morning, gardening in the afternoon

Day 12 Paul went to see his favourite guitarist, Pat Metheny, in concert in London with his friend - my sister flew home from Portugal 2 weeks early as she is very unwell.

Day 13 Went to churchyard to lay flowers for my mum's birthday and in advance of Father's Day - not to mention having a 'chat' with them about how worried I am about Gill.

Day 14 Awful day - my sister is in hospital having all manner of tests and CT scans, couldn't bear being at home with my thoughts so we went to the seaside for the day - reassuring results from hospital in the evening and she has been discharged.

Day 15 Had Max here for the day, was a lovely distraction

Day 16 Zumba in morning then popped over to see my sister before she went to have her ultrasound scan

Day 17 Coffee with my friend Denise! Was a very hot day - car thermometer showed 33.5 degrees when I got back to the car park - even though I was parked in the shade!

Day 18 Friends over for drinks in the evening - spent the afternoon madly tidying and dusting the house to be ready for visitors.

Day 19 Remembering my lovely dad on Father's Day. Rachel and Jon came over to see Paul in the afternoon, baby Olive is very nearly crawling.

Day 20 Did our online check in for our holiday and downloaded our Covid passes

Day 21 Went into town in morning, bought some new shorts as my other blue pair seem to have 'shrunk' {ahem}

Day 22 Max was here for the day, keeping us all on our toes, Olive was proudly showing off two new teeth when I went to pick him up in the morning


Day 23 Zumba was much cooler this week (thank goodness!) housework and crochet in the afternoon

Day 24 Hair cut and colour - that feels better!  followed with lunch at a local Turkish restaurant with two ex work colleagues

Day 25 Went to see Leo in a show that was being performed by his drama group - proud Nanny time

Day 26 Rachel, Jon and their families here for lunch, a lovely day and so warm we spent all afternoon in the garden

Day 27 How fortunate we spent most of yesterday outdoors as today Leo tested positive for Covid 😳

Day 28 Had Rosie here for lunch and early afternoon - news from my sister that they are doing extensive blood tests and are now considering that she may be coeliac

Day 29 Woke to sad news that Dame Deborah James has died, what a legacy she has left behind - had Max here for the day

Day 30 Really enjoyed my Zumba class today, lots of my favourite dance routines - caught up with a bit of crochet in the afternoon, after initially managing to keep up with the weekly portions of the blanket it was inevitable that I would fall behind but I didn't want to pressure myself just to keep up and then stop enjoying making the project.

You'll see various parts of it in my monthly roundup video - thanks to 1 Second Everyday


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Patio Postcards said...

What a wonderful month you seemed to have had, in spite of a few family health concerns & glad to read everyone seems to be making a full recovery. I do hope your cherry tree makes it. I too enjoyed many of the Jubilee celebrations.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Your crochet is coming along very well! Sounds like you had a lovely Platinum Jubilee. John was away and there was no street party locally, so mine was a bit muted. Best wishes to your sister.

Joanne said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating the Jubilee! I hope your cherry tree rallies after the trimming. Sending best wishes to your sister for better health. said...

In my very haphazard blogging and blog reading I missed that your crochet project is being released one step at a time from somewhere!! I love that. Would like to learn to crochet. But need to give up some other hobbies first. Maybe you can teach me when we vacation in Great Britian??

Hope Leo has completely recovered from the virus and no one else has fallen ill. I just Facetimed with the kids in Cancun. Cami seems to be doing great and they are staying well. So thankful they were able to go.

Glad you enjoyed the jubilee. It was a joyful celebration even over here.

Hope your cherry tree pulls through. Are you able to use the cherries in recipes and to eat on their own? Our poor peach tree is loaded with peaches but they are very peach!! Awfully green and hard right now.

Hope your sister is feeling much better and has some answers as to what caused her health scare.

Big hugs to you, my darling friend.

Ruth said...

Finally catching up with a spot of blog reading ... another busy month for you, with added stress and worry over your sister. Hoping you are able to relax and fully enjoy your break away.