Friday, 30 September 2022

Summer Photo Hunt 2022 - the final!

It must officially be the end of summer, as it is the time to share the photos that we have found for this year's scavenger hunt!

I shared the first of my finds here so I won't duplicate those.  Are you ready to see what I've found?  

1. Path

I love the way they cleverly add mosaics into the cobble stones of the promenade along the beach in Praia da Luz

2. Peek-a-boo

Sunset over the hills between Luz and Lagos

4. Faceless selfie

Or actually half a face selfie!

5 Looks like a number or letter

Zero or O?  You decide!

6 A corner

Rounded corners on one edge, square corners on another for a building being built on a corner of a street.  I loved the coloured mosaic they have inserted into the decoration

8 Sipping on

A holiday cocktail - a locally made gin with fresh raspberries

10 OMG the shoes

Well, not actually a shoe but quite a fancy boot that doubles up as a fairy house!

11 Yellow and blue together

Blue and yellow is a popular combination on the Algarve and you see lots of homes painted in these colours

12 Fuzzy wuzzy texture

This plant has self seeded itself in a crack between our paved driveway and a gravel bed in the front garden.  The leaves are beautifully 'furry' and it's hard to resist touching them when you are out there.

13 All gone - empty

Who ate all the After Eight Mints?  I couldn't possibly comment.

16 Oh so colourful

Beautiful coloured glass fish displayed outside a shop in Lagos

17 Out of place
Where else would you find a Venetian style gondola in a dried up garden next to the sea?

18 In the distance
The Cotswolds hills seen from the top of the hill in Burford

19 Culture

What's a chicken got to do with culture I hear you ask!  In Portugal the rooster symbolises faith, good luck and justice through the story of the 'Old Cock of Barcelos'.  A pilgrim is accused of stealing silver and sentenced to death.  The judge is about to tuck into a meal of roasted cockerel and the pilgrim says that if he is innocent the cockerel will stand up on the plate and crow.  The judge laughs - until the cockerel miraculously stands up and crows.  The judge quickly reverses the decision to hang the pilgrim.  Years later the pilgrim returned to Barcelos to carve a statue of the cockerel and to this day, these roosters are considered to be symbols of good luck and faith.  This cockerel is situated in the alcove of a building in the town square of Lagos.

20 You grew it, made it

The epic summer make - talk about a labour of love!  I still can't quite believe that I managed to make it.

21 Invokes a childhood memory

I made this little egg cosy when I was at primary school, probably about age 9 - it kept many an egg warm when I was growing up!

22 Add 1 - 2 To change the taste

Hibiscus tonic water - adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a glass of gin!

And for the one I didn't find 9 Changes shape when wet I have used 
Alt A Recent purchase

Destined to be part of a birthday present for a friend who has also recently taken up crochet, some cute stitch markers.

 That's it!  Every one ticked off.  I can't wait to go blog hopping to see what everyone else found.  
Many thanks for Mary Lou for organising this again, and finding some fun and challenging subjects!


Ruth said...

What a great list of finds! I really like the look of your drinks tray ... if only I drank gin!

Patio Postcards said...

Deb thank you SO much for joining in with this year's SPSH.

I like your OMG The Shoes, that looks like fun play. Your fuzzy wuzzy looks like Lamb's Ears & I use to have for the very purpose of petting, it feels so good.

Barbara Eads said...

Well, another summer come and gone--and I didn't do the scavenger hunt. Whenever I see your posts, it reminds me of how much I enjoyed it a few years ago. I'm determined to do it in 2023. In fact, I'm thinking of proposing something like this for my AYM group as a year long project that will be our theme for the year! Thanks for sharing.

Alexa said...

What a splendid collection of photos! I love the softly cornered building and your rug is amazing ... and such a sweet egg cosy :).

Karen said...

Great finds! I love your Peek-a-Boo photo, got a good chuckle at Empty, and am very impressed by your summer make!