Monday 28 August 2023

Me on Monday

 We had overnight visitors on Saturday.

Their luggage ticked off another photo hunt challenge - something that rolls! Our daughter and husband went out to celebrate her birthday and so we had the grandchildren here for a sleepover.  Not that much sleeping went on! It always makes me smile to see the things that they pack to bring here for one night.  My daughter puts in a change of clothes and a pair of pjs and leave them to do the rest.

Today is a bank holiday and we have been invited to theirs for lunch today which will be nice. I am taking a salad to go with the meal and also the easiest, yet tastiest dip to have with tortilla chips. You just mix together cream cheese with natural yogurt until it is soft and creamy then layer that in a bowl.  Then add a layer of sweet chilli dipping sauce, then a layer of chopped coriander.  So tasty!

Our son will be waking up with his family under canvas - they have gone on their first camping trip, it will be interesting to hear how it went.  They have gone to Holkham in Norfolk which has a fabulous beach but the weather forecast was for a little rain last night but dry from now on.  I think they have rented a beach hut in Wells-Next-The-Sea today so I hope they have a fun beach day.  Kids don't care about how warm it is do they?  Then home tomorrow, they thought two days might be long enough for their first tenting adventure.

So last week held a lovely meet up with someone I first met when we worked together back in the late 70s/early 80s, making a birthday cake for my daughter with Leo and Rosie, picking up my new phone with Olive on Wednesday, Zumba on Thursday then a nice pub lunch in a dog friendly pub on Friday.  A busy week which flew by!

It's Leo's 7th birthday tomorrow; they are taking him and some friends bowling as a special treat so no childcare for me, but it will be a normal week after that. Last week of the summer holidays so not quite so much childcare from here on.  Hard to believe that both Rosie and Max will be starting 'proper' school next week.  Even though Max is eight months younger than Rosie, they will be in the same school year. The start of a new chapter!

I guess I had better go and make that salad and dip - have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

That's quite a cute overnight bag. Perfect for the SPSH. I hope that your daughter had a good birthday celebration out. Your dip does sound easy & tasty. Hard to believe the summer break is over & school starts next week.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

The dip does sound delicious! At least your son's family had good weather, I think, for the first night of camping. Have a good week

Jennifer said...

That is a cute suitcase/overnight bag! Can only imagine all the treasures it must hold!:) Enjoy your holiday! And here's to hoping the weather holds out for your camping family. Your weather, there, has not been super camping that was a bold choice on his part. Or maybe I'm just not the one for camping, in general. Ha! Happy Monday -

Barbara Eads said...

I cannot believe how fast the grands are growing. It seems like just yesterday that Leo was Max's age! Time sure does fly. It will be interesting to see how you fill your new spare time!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I hope everyone who celebrated a birthday, had a great time. Starting school, wow!! That has come around really quickly. I hope you, and they, have a great last week of the holidays.

Ruth said...

You had me at that dip until you mentioned coriander! :(
I hope the camping/birthday party/back to school went/goes well!