Friday 4 August 2023

Let’s sit and have a cup of coffee

 I apologise in advance if the coffee isn’t to your liking, we bought a new machine and I’m still getting to grips with it!

I have definitely mastered the milk frother now so my cappuccinos are much nicer!  I would offer you cake, but before you decide I should show you the shenanigans we had making them yesterday.  I cannot guarantee that a spoon wasn't licked or a finger dipped in the mixture 😉. (Actually, I know both things happened so I'm not sure you should risk it!)


If all else fails, let's dip into the results of my trip to Majestic Wines this morning.

We have been invited to three social events with friends in the next few weeks where we need to bring a bottle of wine so it was nice to have an excuse to go and buy something different to the wine from our local supermarkets!

Without wishing to sound too British and dwelling on the weather - when is summer going to start here?  I would never want to be experiencing the extreme weather that some of America and Europe is suffering at the moment, but honestly we have not had one day in the last few weeks where we haven't had rain.  It doesn't look much better for the next week either!  I would like to be able to wear my summer clothes again sometime soon, they haven't seen the light of day since we came back from Sicily.  How are things in your part of the world?

We have a busy Sunday ahead with all the family coming for lunch (Coco is apprehensive about her little dachshund friend returning) which will be lovely but frantic in the kitchen as I try to cook for ten with four children and two dogs running around.  

In fact the rest of the month is busy, J&S have a wedding anniversary, Rachel has her 37th birthday and Leo will turn seven.  So excuse me if I look frazzled when we get together next month!

Thanks for popping by!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh Deb you do sound busy, so I won't try a coffee today ... but thanks for the offer. A glass of water will do just fine. Have to remind myself to stay hydrated in the warm weather. We are also having quite a rainy time of it - July was the wettest since 2014! Oh lunch on Sunday sounds a busy time, so I better get going so you can get on with prep. Happy wishes for birthdays & anniversaries.

Jennifer said...

I think I will be willing "to take the risk" on that cake. Looks like it was baked with such love....can only make it tastier! Don't worry about the coffee. Something cold would be just fine - although we have had a bit of break in our extreme heat. At least on my side of the country here in the states. What is with all the rain there? Isn't weather just the most unpredictable!? I hope you get some sunshine soon - especially for that wedding - and enjoy some time on the patio. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Barbara Eads said...

I hope the rain stops by the time I get there on September 1st for two weeks. I can't wait! We have a packed itinerary. This is the first time we've been able to go since June 2019 before the lockdown!! We'll start in London and then on to visit friends in Nottingham. Next year we hope to finally make it to the Lake District! Still so much to do and see there. I'm not done with England yet!

Ruth said...

No need to fire up your coffee machine - I'm extremely late in popping by, but better late than never!

Hoping the family lunch went well! said...

How did Coco and Daisy get on this time? I was amazed that my daughter's pup Pumpkin and our new kitty did very well together. Our adult kitty is not too crazy about the new addition. A lot of hissing going on around here these days. I imagine Purrsnickitty, the older kitty, is pretty confused. Purrsimmony crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past week, so I know Snick is wondering what happened to Sim. And then we have added this new kitty, Purrcival, to the mix. Snick probably worries what's next.

I have never tried a frother. Have historically only drunk black coffee but lately it tastes bitter without a bit of cream. Might like trying to froth things up. I know nothing about it, though.

Would just imagine the licked spoon and fingers added a little more sugar to the cake you kids baked together. Lucia and Cami eat more batter, dough and icing than they bake and decorate with. I love cookie dough and brownie batter. Mmmmm.