Monday 4 September 2023

Me on Monday

 I realise as I get older that the more I think I know what my plans are, the more likely they are to change.

I thought we had a quiet weekend ahead.  We were having Daisy here for a few hours while Leo had his birthday party at their house.  As soon as I received a message from Rachel just saying 'Nightmare' I held my breath waiting to hear what had happened.  It turned out that the bouncy castle they had carefully chosen had been delivered, only to be told that you shouldn't have them on top of artificial grass.  (Just for the record, Paul and I are VERY against fake grass and tried hard to dissuade them from having it laid when they had the work done on their garden!) Of course we have a natural lawn and so with Leo worried about having to change all their plans, we offered for them to host the party here.  

So much for an quiet afternoon! To be fair he only chose six friends to come and they were all well behaved but my neighbours must have wondered what we were up to.

This Monday finds me thankful that the sun has returned and looking forward to a few days away at the end of the week. It also finds us looking around do-it-yourself shops looking for a small basin and unit to put in our downstairs toilet as our existing one has developed a crack. Paul is confident that this is a job he can tackle himself 😬 Time will tell!

Back to school this week for the children - I think grandparents all over the country are breathing a sigh of relief just as much as parents.  I'm still not going to tempt fate through by pretending I know what I'll be doing with my extra free time!

Have a good week!


Jennifer said...

You guys get the best grandparents award today! And I hope your pretty (real) grass is not dead now. Sigh. Happiest birthday wishes to your special guy!:)

Ruth said...

Well done for hosting the bouncy castle party! :) And I hope the birthday boy and his friends had a marvellous time. said...

I have been holding my breath because we have had 2 calm weekends in a row and a quiet week in between. Can't imagine what chaos must be on the way!! Didn't realize you can't have bouncy houses on artificial turf. Hmmm. You guys were troopers to save the (birth)day and offer up your yard and real grass for the party. I am going to volunteer to help at Lucia's school for their jumping palooza on Wednesday. This school has more 'events' and they are always desperate for volunteers. All of the parents work during the day so that leaves them in a pinch for adults to run things. Next week they are having a book fair and need more help. I have decided to sign up to help one day for that, too.

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! You were able to pivot and host the party. That's great! I know what you mean about trying to dissuade our adult children. It's a fine line between keeping your mouth shut and worrying about them making a big mistake. I guess it doesn't really matter what we think anyway!

Deb's World said...

Wow Deb, that's very generous of you to host the parry. Glad it went well!