Friday 1 September 2023

Let's have a cup of coffee - 1st September

 Come in, sit down, I'll just put the kettle on.

You will notice that Olive has set the table for us with her toy tea set! We may need more than one cup to quench our thirst 😉

It's been a busy month since I last saw you, with lots of childcare going on - not to mention a bit of 'hamster care' as well!  

I honestly don't know how working parents manage to get through the long holiday if they don't have family nearby to help out with childcare.  I know we aren't alone in looking after the grandchildren, all the grandparents I know are in the same boat!  It would be SO expensive to have to pay for childcare for six weeks.  Added to all that both our children have wedding anniversaries within 6 weeks of each other plus Rachel has a birthday so our offers of babysitting while they go out to celebrate are quickly snapped up before we can change our minds!  Schools are back next week so some kind of normality will return.

The weather has been horrible this 'summer' and it's hard to believe that other places in the world are sweltering in heat waves.  A lot of my summer clothes haven't seen the light of day since we went to Sicily.  There's a definite chill to the air now in the mornings and the nights are definitely drawing in.  How are things where you live?

I'm looking forward to some continuity in my Zumba classes as a new term approaches.  Our instructor took a holiday and the hall was then closed for redecoration for two weeks so there have been more classes that didn't happen than those which did!  I need to get back on the straight and narrow.  The results of the Dexa scan I had earlier this year showed the start of osteoporosis so I need to be mindful of trying to strengthen my bones.  I'm taking alendronic acid tablets and calcium/vit D tablets to help slow the process down, but weight bearing exercise helps as well.  Plus an hour of Zumba has no nasty side effects!

Even though I don't have children of school age any more, September always has me feeling like a new start is happening.  Not so much new pencil cases and lunch boxes but clearing out the garden and planting bulbs!  Do you still get that feeling of a new chapter starting?

Thank you so much for stopping by; I hope to see you again, same time, same place, the first Friday in October!


Ruth said...

I'm definitely going to need a bigger cup of tea, please!

Summer childcare without family support is a nightmare, am always glad that I could be flexible with my hours when The Boy was little.

Patio Postcards said...

Ah so sweet of Olive to set up her tea table ... yes please to a full cuppa (col). The weather has played a major role in so many of the summer plans & activities, it is one reason I try to have Plan B ready to go. I agree September always seems like the real new year & it is at this time of the year I want new journals, new pens, paper ... old habits die hard.

Well off I go, thanks to you & Olive for the lovely tea break. I think one of the rewards for the child minding is that you have a deep & loving relationship with your Grands ... :)

Barbara Eads said...

Our weather has been stifling this summer. But now we're here in your neck of the woods and it's absolutely gorgeous. Good thing since we are walking all over the place! I have a question for you. Do you know of any scrapbook stores in the London area? I'm here with my husband this week, but then 5 of my book club friends arrive next Saturday. Several of them are my scrapbook buddies. I'd love to surprise them with a visit to a store. We don't have any left in Nashville--nor any close to us. said...

I have always liked back to school time. I guess because I was a teacher (well, librarian) so back to school meant a new year of work for me and that was exciting. Both of my girls loved getting school supplies, new school clothes, backpacks, shoes. And even though I am no longer working, seeing the school supplies in the stores makes me happy. New beginnings. We are still burning up so haven't begun to think about cleaning out flower beds or pruning anything for the upcoming fall and winter.

Hope you are back to Zumba. I know how you enjoy it. I am trying to exercise more but it doesn't seem to be making much different in my weight or the way my clothes fit yet. We were in the pool splashing and swimming for 4 hours today with the girls. I am exhausted!!

Deb's World said...

You are so good to be able to help out with the grandchildren. Our little Dottie has just started school over there and I know they'll struggle in holiday time from now on but we're too far away to be of any use sadly. I think we had the best of the summer weather when we were over there in May/June, it doesn't sound too summery at all in recent times.