Friday 3 November 2023

Let's sit and have a cup of tea

 Thank you for braving the elements to get here today - at least the flooding around here seems to have subsided a little.  Yesterday we had two main routes into our town shut because of flooding but they have reopened again.

I have to say that I am dreading this weekend.  It's the traditional time to celebrate Guy Fawkes by building bonfires and having firework displays and Coco has become terrified of the bangs and flashes now she is older.  We will have to have the TV turned up to maximum to try and drown out the sound.

I've been having a bit of a grumble this week, but I hope you will agree that I am justified.  Last weekend my washing machine made the most awful noise, like a helicopter flying overhead, and on Monday the repair man confirmed that at almost 12 years old, it has come to the stage where repair costs almost as much as a new one.  After much research on the internet, I found a machine which was the most up to date version of the one I had.  I found it on three sites, each for £444.  I'm trying to convince myself that if I divide that by the number of times I'll use it over its lifetime, it isn't quite so expensive at it seems!  I ordered it, mentioned it to my daughter who said 'what a shame you couldn't wait for the Black Friday offers'.  The following day I had an email from the retailer through whom I'd ordered it, inviting me to browse the departments which had special offers starting that day.  Yes of course I had to look, just waiting to kick myself for not waiting 24 hours to order!  Imagine my surprise to find that in the 'special offers', the exact machine I had ordered was now ... £135 MORE than it was the day before.  I then looked at the other two sites and yes, they too were selling it for £579.  Are they inflating prices in the weeks before the sales so they can seemingly reduce prices later whilst still selling at the price they should be?  All I can say is thank goodness I ordered it when I did!  

Have you noticed that the shops are now in full swing for Christmas?  I probably need to start making lists for cards and presents but it still seems so early.  I know I put some left over wrapping paper up in the loft with our decorations but daren't go up in the loft to check.  You see, the neighbours who live opposite us have discovered they have bats living in their loft and one animal which I find particularly creepy is the bat.  Not to mention that they are a protected species so once they are there, they are there for good 😱. I need to send Paul up there to investigate, but as he knows how much I am scared of bats can I trust him to come back down and tell me the truth if he sees any?  Ahhh, it's not been a good week!

Fortunately we have a nice lunch out with two other couples today so that will be a good way to take my mind off what may, or may not, be living above our ceilings!

Have a safe journey home, but on your way, why don't you pop over to Ruth's, there's drinks and biscuits there too!


Patio Postcards said...

Well I'm certainly glad I wore my rubber boots with no holes - so much wet about. I've been told about the raising of prices before the "sale". IMO that is shameful behaviour. Glad you were able to get a true deal on the new washer. Oh poor Coco, I'm not a fan of the fireworks & although Guy Fawkes Day is celebrted in these parts, we fireworks at any time - there's no rules about that, although some cities/towns do allow only on 3 holidays. I'll say no more. Now let's have another cuppa & talk about Christmas, it's a conversation I'm ready for at any time :)

Ruth said...

Crikey, it sounds as though you had a much more horrible time with the storm than we did here in West London. I'm glad that the flooding seems to be receding quickly.

The rising of prices before a large "sale" is shameful, IMO. And while I agree that £444 is a lot to shell out in one go, you will hopefully have your money's worth over the next decade or so.

Tilly is another who loathes fireworks - Bonfire Night this weekend and Diwali the next - at times, it's so bad here, it's what I imagine the Blitz must have been like (minus the falling bombs, obviously).

I'm happy to drink tea with you while we talk about Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Oh no, please not bats! They are just the creepiest of unwanted pests to me!! Hope all is quiet and unperturbed when Paul has a look around! And how frustrating with the price gouging. I somewhat figured/assumed that this happened just before Black Friday (and other sales) but to see the proof positive makes it all the more aggravating!! Good for you getting yours just in time! Have a good weekend. Hope you find a quiet spot for Coco...and yourselves!! Thanks for the chat.....and the cuppa!

Jennifer said...

Ah, and I did look up Guy Fawkes Day. Had never heard of it....and learned something new (again) from our visit:) said...

How did Coco survive the Guy Fawkes festivities? Poor baby. Does she sleep with you generally? I can't remember. With this new kitty we have added to the family, both he and older 'sister' are sleeping with us. I kind of like it as they are warm and help to keep me that way.

Hope your lunch today was delightful. You have had a couple of hectic weeks. Hope there was good conversation and good food to enjoy.

I do not understand all the price gauging. My brother-in-law worked for years as an engineer for a big oil company here. He and I got into a heated discussion when I questioned why the oil companies had to make prices almost unmanageable for many people. Our corner gas station sold gas at $2.46 on Friday and it was up over $.50 cents a gallon today. Grrrr. And across the mountain it is almost a $1.00 more a gallon. Just ridiculous.

Hope this coming week feels more normal. Let Paul deal with the bats. Buy new wrapping paper if you need some before the bats move out for a new home.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You've discovered the Black Friday scam...and nearly all the retailers do it!
I quite like bats, although I wouldn't want them in the loft.
Hope all went well with Coco. We had 2 nights of fireworks and they seemed to go on for hours.
Have a good week!