Monday 20 November 2023

Me on Monday

 Coco is hoping that this week will be less traumatic than last week.  When I wrote my post last Monday we knew she had a vets appointment but she didn't.  When we dropped her at the vets on Tuesday morning none of us had any idea that when we picked her up she would have eleven less teeth.  Eleven!  Poor Coco.  So she is quite enjoying specially cooked dinners of poached chicken or fish, rice, scrambled egg and pasta.  It doesn't seem to have bothered her at all thankfully and it all seems to be healing nicely.

The downstairs loo is finished - I was pleasantly surprised that Paul managed to remove the old basin and replace it with a nice new streamlined sink and vanity unit all by himself.  Towel rails and mirror still need to go up but both are quick easy tasks.  Clearly I need to find him another project to keep him from getting bored!

Very hard to take a photo of such a small room!

We had a fun night out on Friday at our local theatre.  Our friend is in the local musical theatre group and we decided to get tickets to support them.  Our expectations were exceeded - it was so professional and we had a really fun evening.  

So what does this Monday hold?  My friend Dani will be celebrating her 65th birthday next weekend and a group of those of us who used to work in the same office as her are getting together for a lunch in a nearby pub restaurant so that is a nice way to start the week.

Then another birthday girl will be celebrating - Rosie will be five on Tuesday.  She had a wonderful party at their home on Saturday with six friends.  The highlight of which was a visit from a Disney princess who entertained them with songs and games.  Lucky girl!

We're hoping to squeeze in a shopping trip to Cambridge at some point, I really need to start some Christmas shopping.  Have you started yours?  We were at my cousins yesterday and she has finished - yes, finished - hers and even done all the wrapping too!  


Patio Postcards said...

Your cousin is to be admired! We have a few gifts purchased, but of the last week it has been my focus of making cards (never again is heard often from my crafting table). Eleven teeth is a lot of teeth removed, but thankfully Coco seems to have come through - all her excellent care is probably why :) Paul did a fabulous job of updating your bathroom, jazzy wallpaper & I really like the light fixture.

Birthdays are fun to celebrate, especially if there's cake to be served.

Ruth said...

Oh poor Coco! I do hope she doesn't notice the lack of teeth?!
Your cousin's approach to Christmas is scary, to put it bluntly! I've started and I wrap as I go.
Fab job by Paul on the downstairs loo!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Poor Coco. Eleven teeth!!!

I'm finding it hard to think about presents as I just don't know what to get. I normally start in September, but with one thing and another I've left it a bit late this year.
Hope you enjoyed you meal out with friends. Well done Paul on the downstairs loo.